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Project Runway, INC

The contestants form their firing line and Heidi quickly dispenses with Logan and Althea whose scores are high enough for them to continue in the competition. They smile with relief and shadow dance off stage. Heidi announces that Louise, Nicholas, Christopher, and Epperson all had the lowest scores. She dispatches them off stage to sulk in silence. The higher scoring teams models come out to join them on the runway. The judges think they did a great job interpreting the INC brand. I think in this context that is meant as a compliment. Shirin's tunic with it's appliqué top is well-received and Carol Hannah's teal and black dress is called chic. Irina explains that they wanted an office look (Gordana's light blue v-neck and navy skirt) as well as an evening weekend look (the striped sundress). Despite being on the winning side of things, Irina can't help but make Gordana look lazy and uninspired. Gordana doesn't really respond, not because she doesn't want to, but because her upbringing (or her Botox) does not allow her face to move. Heidi delivers Irina the ultimate compliment: She would wear that dress. Irina passes out with pleasure at the thought. Zanna and Martine chime in that they would wear the dress, too, but who cares? Heidi hath spoken. They also like Gordana's shirt and Irina takes those compliments, too, even though she didn't seem to have much to do with the design or execution of that look. Gordana is pleased at the pitiful crumbs left to her by Irina's magnanimousness. The winners are sent backstage and the losers file out. Losers! Heidi glowers at them for daring to disappoint her. Louise stammers her way through her explanation. The navy dress with the light blue ruffles was meant as day wear while the light dress with the navy ruffles was the party dress. She just wanted to add something special to the dresses. Heidi looks ready to kill when she asks rhetorically, "And that was ruffles." Louise gulps and hides behind the ruffles on her model. It works. Heidi shakes her head in fury and demands to know, "Who would wear this?" Zanna, her little Aryan friend, shakes her head and denounces it as cheap. She swears that if she ever walked into a Macy's and saw racks of that (she sneers the word "that" as if she gestures towards Louise's cocktail look) she would turn around and walk right out. Oh Zanna, if you ever walked into a Macy's it would be in pursuit of the powder room. Martine bravely admits that she likes ruffles, just not these ruffles. Michael Kors thinks it looks like a bridesmaid dress with a loofah attached. And, well, it sort of does. Louise is still hiding and doesn't seem to hear anything anyone says, which is probably good for her long-term mental health.

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Project Runway




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