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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, Nor A Cement Garden

The designers go to the workroom where Tim is waiting for them. The room is dimly lit and littered with tons of lit candles. Daniel says that the aroma is delicious. Tim greets them all and says that the candles were provided by Glade. They are 2-in-1 candles with two scents. Bullshit. They are one scent and no one can make me believe otherwise. The 2-in-1 thing is a clue for the challenge. This takes Tim back to the olden days, to one of his favorite challenges. It was the unconventional challenge when they went to the flower shop. Ah yes. The flower shop challenge, when Michael Kors erroneously asserted that it was hard to make leaves look trashy. I still maintain that trashy is one of the easiest places to go with leaves.

Everybody seems really excited about another flower shop challenge, including Matt who does this little high/low dance that looks both simultaneously childlike and completely choreographed. I love it so much and it makes me feel very close to him. I also feel like I need to watch seventy or so times. That has happened now. Along, with Melanie's hair-pull on Bunheads, Marnie laughing after sex on Girls and Scarlett and Gunnar singing "Fade Into You" on Nashville, I don't think I've rewatched anything on the tube as much this year. Samantha interviews that she is excited for the unconventional challenge because it gives the designers the opportunity to get creative and play.

Tim announces that they will indeed be sourcing their materials at a flower shop. Amanda is not excited about this. She says that she didn't even have flowers at her own wedding. I don't mean to be conformist, but that's crazy. Tim says that someone else has ideas about the challenge, and then he introduces Heidi. Why this woman needs a grand introduction every time she walks onscreen is beyond me. We EXPECT to see you, Heidi. Anyway, she comes out and says that she likes the flower shop but wants to mix things up. She likes the hardware store too. So, that's our 2-in-1. The teams will be using flowers and hardware to create cohesive lines of six looks. Heidi says that this is the ultimate hard and soft challenge. Tim adds that each look does not need to contain materials from both places, but the cohesive lines do. Heidi wishes everyone luck, kisses Tim and exits.

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