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Tim says that there is concern about inequity in the teams now that Dream Team has lost so many members. Dream Team gets to choose two team members from Team Keeping It Real to join their ranks. Benjamin is excited because he feels that his team didn't work and needs a serious energy shift. He suggests to his team that they choose Stanley, because of his skill with construction. Michelle reminds him that Daniel has consistently been in the top, but Benjamin says that if he had to choose between the two he would pick Stanley. I wonder if that means something. I don't really think of Benjamin as a snob, but he is British. Why wouldn't he choose Daniel? Does he find something about him unworthy? Maybe that he is from Texas or that he's self-taught? I just felt a little something weird in the air just then. So, they have another person to choose. Michelle says that she will NOT work with Patricia. Wow. Michelle interviews that she finds Patricia very condescending. She thinks she talks for other people and maybe doesn't even know that she does it. You know, I think Michelle might just be frustrated because of the way this thing has gone so far. She's just lashing out because she hasn't gotten the chance to be praised by the judges. I hope she can process that a little, because she's becoming a bit of a drag. Samantha thinks that they should choose either Kate or Layana. She says that she knows Layana is fairly inexperienced, but she is sexy and young. Benjamin agrees that she has sexy ideas. Michelle also agrees that she has sex appeal. Plus, she says that she sees things (problems, needs et al.) and says something. If she sees something, she says something.

Tim asks them what their decision is and they say to the room that they would like Stanley. Amanda interviews that she thought for sure that they would pick Daniel and she's perplexed about their choice of Stanley. Next, they say that they are choosing Layana. She makes a sad face. She interviews that she's sad because she got along really well with her team, but she is flattered that she was chosen. Tim adds that Team Keeping It Real gets to choose one member of Dream Team, but not one that just came from their team. Michelle hangs her head. She knows what's coming. She's right too. They all decide very quickly that they would like Michelle. Looks like somebody's working with Patricia after all! She's upset about it. For her part, Patricia says that she is excited to be working with Michelle. Heh.

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