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The next morning, they are back to work. Samantha tells us that the bottom of her dress is not as strong as the bodice. Matt notes that she's feeling very stressed. Joe explains that he's draping flowers on a netting. Michelle, always quick with an encouraging and positive remark, says that he has spent hours making a look for a sea hag. Nothing Michelle says is every actually incorrect, but all you ever hear come out of her mouth is something negative. Have we even once heard Samantha talking shit about anyone? Sure, it may be the reason we haven't really seen her speaking at all, but I think it works in her favor.

Daniel suddenly realizes that Team Keeping It Real does not have a cohesive collection. Everything looks pretty good, but it does not look like it belongs to the same collection. The team gets together to discuss it and Patricia says that maybe they're all cohesive because they are all using floral and hardware elements. That is a stretch, considering those are the ONLY elements that they can be using. Amanda interviews that they just need to think of a story for their collection. Currently, things are feeling sloppy.

Tim arrives to check in with everyone. He starts with Richard and Michelle. He says that he is blown away by their design! Joe explains his idea to Tim and he notes that Joe's girl is going to look huge. Joe says that he's OK with that. Michelle, OF COURSE because everyone else is busy making clothes and doesn't have time for non-stop shit talking, says that she doesn't think a woman would want to wear. Richard says that Joe's aesthetic is eccentric and unique and he likes it. Tim says that he just wants to make sure that Joe doesn't make something that looks like it's consuming the model. Again, Joe is like "maybe I do." This is a point where I wish Joe were a little better at talking, because it looks a little like he's just being a weirdo and I don't think Tim is buying it. He says that he is channeling the judges and what they might say about his current silhouette. Joe interviews that he fears Tim doesn't understand what he is presenting. Tim likes Amanda's dress, but Richard says that he's worried about it. It looks swampy to him. Let's all remember that we are using botanicals, shall we? Tim is fascinated by the Lamb's Ear plant that Daniel is using on his look. He tells Kate that her dress looks like a craft project. She kind of resents that, considering they are making clothes out of flowers and hardware. She finds it unreasonable to expect the designs to be "normal." Afterwards, Tim tells the designers that he has a couple of concerns. One, naturally, is time. The other is cohesion. Bullseye. Michelle says that he's right and their designs all look like they were made by crazy people and none of them are in the same mental institution. Michelle disseminates. That's the problem. She's just gotta spread all the ill around. They throw out some ideas to pull them all together, but nothing's really clicking. Michelle offers that each of the looks are a different decade. Tim tells them to go with it.

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