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The judges confer. They are happy that M&L, mostly losers, did so well today. Heidi is really excited for Casanova, while Nina and Michael are excited about Peach. Heidi is shocked by Luxe. Michael thinks that Gretchen spoke too much. Nina mocks her crying, which is amazing. They hate Ivy's look. Michael felt that A.J. gave up his design aesthetic, while only making one piece. Heidi points out that Gretchen was the team leader.

Everyone returns to the stage. The winner is... Casanova! He's so excited. They leave the stage. He thanks his teammates backstage. Oh God, let's lose Gretchen. Michael is in. He wishes everyone luck before he leaves, which I find pretty damn big of him. He goes backstage and starts crying about how everyone was going after him. Shit, maybe I have to sort of like him or something now. Christopher is in. Ivy is in. Really? Andy is in. It's down to Gretchen and A.J. Gretchen is... in. She nods approvingly and leaves the stage. Backstage, she says that she takes responsibility for the things she was called out for. That's A.J. then. He interviews that he wishes he'd gone home for something that was his own aesthetic.

Tim enters and asks A.J. to sit for a minute. He tells Team Luxe that he does not understand their behavior on the runway. He wonders why they let Gretchen manipulate the situation and bully them. This is amazing. The worst shaming of maybe all time. Bully? That's better than I would have thought of. No one is eager to disagree with Tim because they're all such bitchy sheep. Like this little snake, Ivy. She interviews that she really trusts Tim and what he said was "an 'aha' moment." Like, "New person to vilify!" I'm totes over Ivy. Gretchen cries in an interview that Tim really hurt her feelings and she's not manipulative and A.J. could have made a not boring shirt dress. April is tearful as A.J. leaves. She interviews that Gretchen should be going home because she manipulated him. I don't know if that's true, but he certainly would have been better suited with another trend.

A.J. says this was an amazing experience. He thinks this will make him better in the future.

Jeff Long is a manipulative bully in Brooklyn. He also writes and acts. He can be reached at

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