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There Is Also An "M" in Motormouth

The teams have an hour to sketch. The budget for each team is a grand. Peach interviews that she's excited because she's never had the luxury of that much money for supplies. As they begin, Cute Michael says that he thinks it's important for them to all respect each other, be kind and listen. Hold on, I need to pick up my heart, which just BURST OUT OF MY CHEST. Everyone agrees with Cutie because they are not insane. Meanwhile, Ivy and someone else (?) -- who knows since she was so loud that I could only really hear her -- scream at Other Michael that they don't need the easel that he brought to their meeting. They will not be practicing the respecting, listening and kinding on this team. Gretchen informs everyone that the gods have convened in her brain and insisted that they go with the menswear trend and the leopard and animal prints. Peach tells her team that she doesn't want to do menswear, because she thinks it could fall flat. April ads that she likes military, but it's actually a trend right now, so they would need to put a spin on it.

Gretchen's team decides to go with menswear. Their color story will be camel, which Christopher seems a little unexcited about in his interview. April's team calmly votes and it looks like they are going with military. There are a few holdouts, like Valerie and Peach. To them, April says that they don't have to make the collection "straight-up military." Their central textile is lace. Casanova says that both of these things are favorites of his. They all begin to sketch on his team. Their strategy is to all create their own designs and make sure that they have details that make the collection cohesive. They are going to be using black lace.

The other team decides to assign projects to different designers, instead of each of them creating their own looks. Hmm. This is coming from a negative place. Christopher seems like he gets it and thrives in a team environment, but the others (mostly Gretchen) seem like they're using the "project" scheme as a way to weed out the work from others that she doesn't deem worthy. She says that they should consider a "winter short," which seems like a real bore coming from her. She adds that the other team is all "cuckoo drama," so they should work on being tailored and clean. A.J. insists that he can clean up his stuff. He tells us that he wouldn't want to make something that stood out too much in the collection. That's very reasonable of him. Everyone ignores Other Michael and he's aware of it. I almost think that winning the last challenge was the worst thing that could have happened to him. Well, there's getting eliminated. That would be worse. Ivy interviews that the real challenge will be making sure that Other Michael does the work that he is supposed to do. Then, we see her tell him that he shouldn't use his immunity as a crutch because they are depending on him. So, Ivy is the mouth this season, yes? I'm ready for her to zip it.

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