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Valerie, who is rapidly becoming an obsession of mine, interviews that their plan of attack is to do their draping before they cut, so they can confirm that everyone has the right amount of fabric. Then, she notices that she said "plan of attack" and their theme is military. Then, we see another moment of Gretchen completely shutting Other Michael down. Ivy is the only person making a complete look, while the others are making pieces. Ivy cuts something and opines about how beautiful it is. Valerie jokes that she should get over herself, then says that she's glad that Ivy finds her work beautiful. God, I love her! I need Valerie in my life. It gets better. She interviews that "someone" saw their team planning and she knows that they are working on pieces instead of looks. She thinks that this is a disaster akin to having the runs and the pukes at the same time. You're screwed. I'm not even sure I grasp the analogy, but I love it. She tells April that she thinks this challenge is totally her. April interviews that she's not sure if her view of Valerie has changed. She still doesn't trust her. I don't remember her not trusting Valerie in the first place, but I'm assuming that was a thing.

We see Gretchen ask Christopher how A.J. is doing and if he's checked up on him. He replies that he believes A.J. is sewing. She interviews that she's worried about A.J. because his craftsmanship is not up to par. He interviews that this challenge is indeed difficult for him.

Casanova shows Valerie his updated design and she says that she thinks it's too safe. She liked his original concept better. Casanova tells us that the judges have been telling him that his work is too busy. He will retain his style in this challenge, but wants to create something softer. Of course, he says all of this with all manner of accent.

Now, I'm starting to feel bad for Other Michael. Ivy tells him brusquely that he doesn't need another piece of fabric for the piece that he's making. Then, she interviews that she does not have the TIME to teach Other Michael the fundamentals of construction. Wow. She's being a real asshole even if she has a point. Frankly, their team is acting more like what Peach is afraid of, with the covering of asses instead of working together. Other Michael tells Ivy that he's able to do the thing that they are discussing and she reminds him that he couldn't do the last thing that he said he could do. Asshole. He interviews that she's gonna get it-he's gonna explode. Do it, Other.

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