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There Is Also An "M" in Motormouth

He kinda stomps off and Christopher notices the exchange and suggests to Gretchen that they nurture him a little bit. She hears that as "coddle." Nice thought, Christopher, but there is no team leader and you could just take the initiative and do the nurturing yourself. Gretchen says that they are not going to lose from one bad look, then interviews that Other Michael is a huge "time suck." Do actual human beings qualify as being time sucks? The DMV is a time suck. Happening upon a marathon of Hoarders is (ironically) a time suck. People? I'm not sure. Gretchen says that she's not playing no game with some boy who doesn't know how to sew. Generous. She interviews that she's freaking out because Other Michael is the weak link.

Tim comes back with Peter Butler, who is so very ginger. Two members of each team will consult with him. April and Valerie are the reps from their team. Peter translates military and lace as masculine and feminine. Garnier Gender Roles, coming to a restrictive society near you. Valerie presented this idea of french braids and faux-hawks, but Peter finds it too busy. He gives them this soft, yet messy, militaristic look that is pretty modern. Gretchen and Andy rep their team and Peter, who's wearing a green tank and t-shirt combo that I'm loving, gives them a modernized old Hollywood look. A low part on the side is apparently the modern part. Anyway, the model looks gorgeous and Gretchen is further convinced that they are going to win.

Back in the workroom, Tim visits and consults them as teams. He starts with Military & Lace. They all seem terrified. He likes Mondo's look and gives some constructive critique to Peach and April. Other Michael looks over and interviews that their collection looks bordello-inspired and is not going to be pretty. Nose to the grindstone, dude. People are out for your blood. Casanova is the most worried because Tim always says something negative to him and it really seems to be getting to him. And, this is no different. Tim tells him that his look seems like the mother of all of the other looks. Dejected, he interviews, "Once again, Casanova, you make another senior citizen garment." This is very funny to me. Then, he says he doesn't know what happened to his taste and it's sad to hear someone unsure of themselves like that. Lord knows we've all been there. Well, except for Gretchen. Tim advises them to keep helping each other, then moves on.

Team Luxe describes their collection. Tim seems a little confused about the making different pieces within each other's looks concept. But, Gretchen really sells it, because she doesn't have wrong thoughts and this was a thought of hers. April interviews that their collection looks really boring. After their presentation, Tim concurs. He tells them that, after looking at the other team's work, theirs looks "ho hum." Ouchie.

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