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Tim leaves and Casanova decides that he needs to take a break. He goes to lie down. Valerie interviews that he has a major diva moment, then we see her counseling him. He's really frustrated about all of the bad criticism he has gotten. It gets worse. He's not just taking a nap, he's thinking about leaving. It stands to reason, the judges haven't really liked anything that he's done and he feels like he's getting fat. But, Valerie points out that he's not just making a decision for himself but also for the rest of the team. Cute Michael is there too and tells Casanova that his work is breathtaking. They leave him to rest and Valerie says that they need to finish his dress. She also interviews that he needs to put his panties back on and finish what he started, presumably because having an artistic temperament means that you have a vagina and that you wear panties. Maybe he's just taking a time out, Valerie?

The models come in for fittings and Casanova's model, Sarae, goes to find him. He's in the middle of a tearful phone convo with his Aunt Lucy when he arrives. She asks him how he's doing and she tells him that he shouldn't let other people's words get to him. He has to make what he thinks is beautiful. This works for him. He thinks that maybe he's being too sensitive and gets back to work.

Meanwhile, A.J. doesn't have anything for his girl to try on. Gretchen is disappointed that he and Other Michael are so fucking stupid. Man, this girl is a piece of work. Even though she's right, the boldness in which she states her righteousness is just off-putting in the extreme. Casanova, who seems much lighter now, wonders aloud if maybe he's too old-fashioned for this show. Maybe he can only work with sluts? This gets a big laugh from April. He says that he needs to make it work and it looks like it's starting to happen. Gretchen, however, is spazzing by the time the day is over.

The next morning, April tells Peach that she feels like their team is in a good position because they are all so creative, while the other team is all Gretchen. Cut to: Gretchen telling Ivy that she woke up at 4 AM tossing and turning and made a LIST of everything they needed to accomplish. What did I tell you? Like people don't know what they need to finish, right? It's clothing. It's pretty clear when you are not wearing it. But, here's Gretchen with her list of redundancy. THAT'S gonna save the day. That said, the team feels fairly refreshed by the list. Maybe because their spirits have all been crushed and they are no longer capable of thinking for themselves.

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