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Then, OMG, Casanova did it. His girl is wearing cream pants with brass buttons up the sides of them. And, she's wearing a black lace top that has a cutout in the back. It's pretty freaking rad. Like, Georgina Chapman would approve of the silhouette of that blouse. Valerie tells Casanova that she wants his pants for herself. Also, the cream pants bring Valerie's look right back into the fold. It all connects. Cute Michael made this intricate black lace dress that's got hardware on the waist. I think it's very cute. All of the stuff from this team is looking very polished too. Cutie says that he sees Georgina staring at his outfit and it makes him happy. All of the models walk one last time and Gretchen repeats that it doesn't look like a cohesive collection and I think she's wrong. Collections often run the gamut and the two at either end of said gamut aren't going to look alike, but they are most certainly all connected. Stupid Gretchen needs to shut it 'fore I cut it.

And, here's Team Luxe. Look 1 is the shirt dress that A.J. worked on. There are multi-colored tights underneath, which I guess are camel? The fabric seems to sheer to me. And, I don't like the tights. The cut of the shirt isn't so bad though. Look 2 is tailored camel slacks and this halter top with pleating at the neck. It's mostly backless too. There's a little cape that goes over it. It's all very elegant. The slacks were the only part that approached menswear though. And, it was maybe a little boring. The next look is a gray skirt, a pleated blouse and a belted cream jacket that I guess is the menswear element. Boring. Casanova says to Valerie that it looks sophisticated but she replies that it looks big. The jacket did look like it was belted to reign in the volume. Next up are shorts and this big blouse with a vest. The shorts look really well made, but I don't know. It's a little bulky.

Ivy says that she's proud of their team for completing 21 pieces. Next is a cowl neck blouse with gray slacks and a blazer with the tiniest lapels ever. It's belted. The slacks are OK, but I'm not really a fan of anything up top. Here's a maroon skirt, with a matching blouse with a cutout on the d├ęcolletage. Meh. There's a little camel blazer that flares at the waist that I like. Gretchen says that fashion isn't just about embellishments and drama. It's also about thoughtfulness. She's so insipid. The collection comes out for a final walk. Boring.

After the show... Team M&L wins! They're ecstatic. Luxe leaves the runway. Backstage, they're really mopey. They are all surprised. Onstage, Valerie says that they wanted to balance between hard and soft. Heidi likes the collection. Georgina thinks that it's all cohesive, but each garment has it's own personality. Backstage, Gretchen says that the lace was the only thing that held the M&L collection together. Ivy says that it wasn't cohesive. God, get over it you group of bitches. Michael Kors thinks that M&L managed to mix military with lace without making their designs look like a costume. All of them love the hair.

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