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Tim says that he's excited about this aspect of the show because the real world of fashion is about team work. For this challenge, they will be working in two teams of 8. The first team is Layana, Daniel, Stanley, Layana, Kate, Richard, Patricia, some dude named Joe and a girl named Amanda. Benjamin says that the other team is not cutting edge, though he adds that you can't judge a book by its cover. Emily says that she doesn't think that she has much in common with Cindy.

Tim tells them that the first challenge is to create a look that displays who they are as a designer with the input of their teammates. One designer from the winning team will be the winner of the challenge and a designer from the losing team will be eliminated. The inspiration for the challenge is going to be New York City. The cutting edge team will view the city from atop the Atlas Building, while the other team will view the city from a boat. Fun! Heidi and Tim leave and the designers proceed to kill and eat each other. I am kidding about that.

We see the team on the rooftop first. They share a champagne toast and Michelle interviews that she is not sure that she wants to work with the people on her team. Who cares? She tries to make, out loud, some weird analogy about how they are winners because they are on top of a building and the others are at sea level. It's pretty lame. She should stick to some sort of silent persona is what I think. She has pretty much failed every time she has opened her mouth. I mean, this is so pointless, but I have to point out that she says, "They're already at sea level. They can't get much higher." I think we all know that pretty much the only thing they can do is get higher. At least if they're on land.

The other team gets on a boat and starts their trip. They seem to be in really good spirits. Kate says that they must vow to have no fighting. I like it! Richard says off-hand that they are Team Keep It Real and everyone likes it. I don't, but at least they aren't spending any time thinking of a name. Stanley tells us that he is a costumer. Then, we see him tell the other designers that he doesn't really have any weaknesses. He says that you have to know how to do everything and quickly when you are working on TV/Film. He interviews that he is eager to bring the essence of couture to ready-to-wear. That's a pretty heady goal. They all toast and seem like a fairly happy group.

Back on the roof, the other group has decided that they are the Dream Team. James is full of questions for Benjamin who -- despite being a savage Australian by birth -- acts far more British and thinks that James needs to take a breath. Everybody takes a lot of pictures on the roof. Emily says that the view from on high is a different perspective, but she's having a hard time focusing her perspective.

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