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On the boat, Patricia tells us that she is Native American and thus her native name is Water Lily. Pretty! She ululates off of the back of the boat. It's loud. She turns around and real chill just tells everyone that's her prayer. Layana thinks that she's weird. Um, it's just a prayer Layana. Richard is looking at all of the sights, like the bridges along the Hudson River. He almost shed a tear from seeing the Statue of Liberty. Amanda notes that everyone is being very nice but that is likely to change. I have to say, I hope we see a lot of Richard. He seems like just the sweetest guy in the world. We need some sweetness.

Later, they make their way to the Atlas Building. Benjamin says that he has dreamt about New York for most of his adult life. Amanda and Michelle room together. Amanda, whose last name is Valentine, says that she knew she would like Michelle because of all of the tattoos and bones in her ears and the fact that she is from Portland. They discuss their team situations and Michelle says that it's a good way to learn who you don't want to work with. As if you will always have a choice. Michelle says that she is worried that the Dream Team hasn't discussed what their group aesthetic is.

The next day, they all get acquainted with the workroom. Daniel, who is also so adorable, says that he felt like a big wave of fashion hit him. I hear the undertow is fabulous. He adds that you can feel the excitement in the air. Cindy is pretty emotional and says that she has dreamed of doing this forever. Wow, I think it would be so crazy if this lady ended up knocking it out of the park. She is so unlike anything we are used to seeing really. She says that she is afraid she's going to gush all over Tim Gunn.

Tim enters the room and everyone gives him a rousing round of applause, which he notes. Stanley says that seeing Tim brings to mind all that it took to get to this position. I can see that. Tim tells them about the resources available to them. HP this and accessories wall that. He repeats that the teamwork aspect of the season is really exciting to him. He wants them to all take advantage of each other's feedback and support. They are going to Mood momentarily. They will have $1200 a team, which translates to $150 per designer; however, they can distribute it any way they would like. The runway presentation is the next day. Benjamin interviews that he is a perfectionist, which is not always the friend of time management. Well, that's a kind of a brilliant way to put that. It's obvious, of course, but still. It can at least make you feel better about the people who manage their time properly. You can take comfort in the fact that their work isn't perfect or some other perversion of logic. We do what we have to do.

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