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With eight hours remaining in the day, Tim Gunn arrives for a consultation. He starts with Dream Team. They are going to be present and vocal for everyone describing their looks. He is "wowed" by Michelle, so she's fine. Cindy starts to describe her look, which would be a dress-like shirt over slacks. Tim and the team recommend that she forego slacks and just make a long dress. She doesn't argue with them. Benjamin interviews that he doesn't understand Cindy's inspiration. I guess that would have been helpful to have vocalized instead of saving it for your little sit-down. James is next and Emily says that she worries that his look is not "enough." Tim says that he could work with more volume in the bodice than he had planned. James interviews that his instinct is to stick with his original idea, but he wants to be a good team player. Benjamin is next and is discussing using different colors to break up his look. Tim likes it. Tu (that's how you spell it) explains his look and Michelle says that it sounds architectural, which she likes. Matt is next. He is going to focus his design on the vertebrae of the model, because it takes a lot of backbone to survive in NYC. I kind of like that. Emily interviews that she is starting to get intimidated by everyone's experience. She describes her look and Tim wonders if there is too much going on. Benjamin suggests that she desert her jacket idea, because you can't send someone down a runway wearing just a jacket. Tim tells Dream Team that he is very impressed with all of them.

Team Keeping It Real is up next and Kate describes her look as a structured sweater dress. Her team tells her that she should lose the sleeves on her dress, but she resists. She interviews that she doesn't give a shit what anyone on her team thinks. She just wants Tim's opinion. She asks and he agrees with the team -- she should lose the sleeves. Kate is obviously emerging as the least team-ready person of the season. Tim questions whether an element of Richard's look is necessary. Layana describes her dress and how it's simple in the front and surprising in the back. She gets applause from the team when she turns her dress around. Daniel presents his look, which is very structured. Stanley interviews that Daniel is on trend and impeccable. Patricia has added another element to her look. There's a blue fabric below her hand-made print and it is revealed in little "windows" that she is making herself. Tim tells her that she should use the effect all over the dress and she takes that as permission to just have fun with the dress. Richard interviews that people with a touch of genius are often a little eccentric, but he really likes Patricia. I like him. Such a positive guy.

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