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Tim leaves and they all get back to work. Michelle says that she is worried about her team. She starts offering some assistance to other people on her team. We see her give time-saving tips to Matt. Benjamin interviews that he is worried as well and is a born leader, so we see him giving some advice to Emily.

The models come in for their fitting. Michelle interviews that she has seen Daniel's look before... like 30 years before. Rude. She has sooo much to say, that one. Cindy is unhappy with the length of her dress. Emily interviews that she only needs to be better than one person to stay in the competition. What an achiever.

After the fitting, Daniel is feeling good because all elements of his look are on the mannequin and he knows what he needs to do to finish. Emily, meanwhile, doesn't have a single thing on her mannequin -- just muslin. Matt remembers that they told her not to get bogged down with details and just power through. Michelle asks her if they can help her the next day, then interviews that Michelle is in way over her head. They finish for the day with Emily still having nothing completed.

It's the day of the show and Emily thinks that she might be going home. In a neighboring apartment, some ladies are standing around. Michelle says that she really likes her outfit, but thinks that she might not be able to win because of Emily. Amanda asks her if she is going to help her and she's not sure. Cindy says that they need to weed out the herd anyway, which is a mixed metaphor much like her outfit is currently a mix of ideas, none very good.

At the workroom, everyone gets to work. Cindy changes her tune and decides to help Emily, who feels bad for judging Cindy earlier. Benjamin feels that his design is strong, but thinks that his team is not strong. He doesn't understand James's aesthetic. It's hair and make-up time. Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, is on the scene and steers Cindy away from a make-up story that's a little too 1970s. She agrees, as appearing to be from the '70s is extra-sensitive to her since she's the oldest of the contestants.

Michelle notes that there are both strong and weak looks on their team. Patricia says, not rudely, that Cindy's look reminds her of an Asian candy wrapper. Tim comes in and drags everyone to the runway. Emily is wondering if maybe they will still be able to pull out a win.

Heidi greets everyone on the runway. You can see her bra under her shirt, but I'm sure she knows that. We have a new judge! Zac Posen is our new Michael Kors. Zac Posen is very attractive. Nina is there! Christian Siriano is our guest judge. This is a pretty prickly panel. We'll see how the judging goes. The show begins with Stanley's look. It's a dark blue jumpsuit. It is very tailored and gorgeous. From what we see, it fits perfectly. Kate's look is next and it appears that sleeveless was the way to go. There's some interesting strap action happening across the neckline that is interesting, though a little homemade looking. She says that she feels like she accomplished what she set out to make.

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