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Heidi says that they will talk to all of the designers. The models return to the stage. Heidi likes Gretchen's print. She likes the moon-shaped detail on the back of the pants that Tim did not like. Michael didn't like the placement of the details on her print. Nina is disappointed that it's not a "wow" moment. Rachel doesn't think it's quite there, but she likes the earthiness of the look. Other Michael explains his evil eye inspiration as well as saying that the look is dark because his family has a lot of secrets. So, I'm thinking some designers will be wearing some cement shoes and having a slumber party in the Hudson with some fishes soon. Michael thinks the placement of the panels is weird, but Heidi thinks it's cool. However, she doesn't like that he chose shoes to match the piping on his dress. Matchy-matchy strikes again.

Rachel doesn't feel Christopher's water inspiration in his print. Nina doesn't think it's exciting. He argues that not every item needs to pop so loudly, but Heidi reminds him that it's a show about design. Michael points out that quiet can still be memorable. Rachel likes the painterly quality of Andy's print, but she hates his outfit. She's actually upset by it. The shorts are so short, but it's not sexy at all. Nina is saddened by the print and the outfit. Andy explains that he was thrown off of his game by being with his mom. He says that he knows that the look isn't him. Michael likes the print, but he feels that Andy dumbed himself down. He sees a sad face on Andy's shirt. Heh. Heidi thinks that it's unwearable and Andy admits to being lost in this challenge.

April explains her print and Michael felt the friction in the print. He feels that friction is present in April's best work. I like that description. He's not wild about her dress, but likes the continuity. Nina likes the silhouette. This was Rachel's favorite print. Heidi's too! She doesn't think the look is that flattering though. Valerie explains that she was inspired by her father. Heidi thinks it looks like her dress from the party challenge. Michael thinks the origami look of the skirt stole the life from the fabric. She has a little bit of blue wool and black tulle peeking from the bottom of the skirt, which Michael finds unappealing. Nina thinks it looks heavy. Rachel likes the origami thing because she hasn't seen it before, but she really hates the stuff peeking out of the bottom. There are construction issues and taste stuff to boot.

Mondo explains that the symbolism of his print is very personal. Nina says that she wishes she knew what the inspiration was, but she thinks it's great. She loves his freedom with color. Michael agrees. Nina gasps with joy when the model takes her jacket off and reveals that perfect halter top. Rachel loves the look, but felt some dissonance in regards to the inspiration for the print being so personal and potentially dark, while the fabric itself is so joyful. Hmm. That's interesting. Do you think they're just trying to get him to talk? I'm not sure I totally understand her beef. Mondo begins to address Nina. He seems really uncomfortable. But, explains that he has been HIV positive for a decade. Everyone onstage seems stunned. He explains that he's been hiding from himself, but wanted to create something that represented who he used to be and who he is now. Nina and Heidi thank him for sharing. Jesus, this is such a big moment of his that we're seeing. Everyone onstage is getting teared up. Mondo says that he feels a lot better. Free. The designers go backstage, where everyone congratulates Mondo. Gretchen says that she feels honored to have been present for his story. Mondo feels glad to have gotten things off of his chest and maybe helped someone. He interviews that he felt guided to speak at the moment that he did. He says that he feels so good and jokes that he might be nicer from now on.

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