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The judges deliberate. Rachel felt that Andy's look was the worst. Heidi thinks it's unwearable. They do like the print though. They feel like he fell apart for personal reasons and Michael says, seriously, "Fashion is not for sissies." Oh my. Michael hated Valerie's look. They really hated the hem. Rachel liked manipulation of the fabric, but Nina thought it was a rehash. They felt Christopher's look was boring. Nina confesses to not remembering any of Christopher's work. OUCH. They all felt Other Michael's look was old-fashioned. Michael thinks that Gretchen is the best stylist of the group. They all like April's print and its placement. Heidi mentions that April looks unhappy all of the time, but Rachel says a lot of tortured designers make beautiful things. Michael loves the cut of Mondo's slacks. Nina thinks it's chic and fashionable. Michael thinks it's great that Mondo made something so joyous with a potentially depressing inspiration. He feels Mondo is able to make a positive out of hardships and Rachel agrees and thinks that he'll inspire others with his story.

The designers return to the stage. April is in. Mondo is the winner! Threepeat! April hugs him backstage and says that she's proud of him. He is super flustered. He interviews that revealing his secret is the real prize. As she has a tear running down her cheek, April listens to him tell her how overwhelming this moment is for him. That makes me love her too. Gotta love some empathy. Other Michael and Christopher are in. Andy and Valerie are the last standing. Heidi says that they like Andy's print but were confused by his look. She says that Valerie's look resembled two bad dresses put together. Andy is... in. Valerie is a real sport and is all smiles. She gives a big wave and leaves the stage. She interviews that she's proud of her dress and of honoring her father. She cries backstage that the designers were a family to her. She tells everyone individually how much she respects them. She apologizes for judging Other Michael. She commends Andy for his bravery and calls him a wonder. She says that April is very kind under her badassness and shames herself for underestimating her.

Tim enters and gives her a big hug and tells her that she has a lot of character. Everyone hugs her before she cleans up her space. She interviews that working with such supportive people has been a real treat. She says that she's loved the experience of being on the show. Such a sweet girl.

Tim chokes up and tells Mondo how proud he is of him. Mondo interviews that he's nervous about facing his family, but is glad that he said what he said. Wow. This was kinda profound.

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