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Everybody is deep in their work. Uli is worried about her choice of white. She says that, because her dress is white and everyone else's has color, her dress won't pop on the runway. I'm not sure that's true. Her dress just being different from everyone else's might be enough to make it pop. She feels that she has to have some really interesting design elements to make up for her dress having no color. She says that she's having trouble. She's showing Anthony Ryan her draping up to this point and it's looking kind of shapeless. Anthony Ryan says that it will be interesting to see what she comes up with, though he clarifies for us that what he's really trying to say is that he thinks she's going to crash and burn. I'm glad we know the truth.

Ivy tells Josh that she likes where he is going with his dress and the lace. It looks like she really means it too. She interviews that editing is Josh's real problem, so we won't really know how things are going for him until the end. While sewing, Josh giggles to himself that there sure is a lot of pink in his look. Emilio replies that he's all about color. He doesn't care what you do as long as it's in color. Hmm. Sounds like someone's trying to drive a Uli-is-the-wrong-one-here narrative where it's a cardinal sin to use white. I wonder if he thinks that by planting this color is God theme in his speech, it will somehow manifest itself on the runway. Or, if he's just polishing up his argument for the judges.

Joanna and Elie arrive for consultations. Joanna reminds everyone that the proceeds of this victory will go to charity. They start with Ivy. She says that she initially thought that her fabric was an hombre charmeuse, but realized that it was a print once it was off the shelf. Joanna wonders if it is right for ready-to-wear and Elie says that it is a bold choice. He suggests that maybe her design would be better served with a shorter dress and she says that she really loves the print and wanted to use the whole thing. Then, she says that the customer could decide on the hem and have it tailored herself. Joanna does not like that idea. She doesn't think the customer should be burdened with that.

Josh's dress is missing the entire bust area. It almost looks like it's on purpose. Elie asks what is supposed to happen in that area and Joanna thanks him for being the one to ask. You realize what that means, don't you? It means that Josh's taste level has been so all over the place that Joanna didn't feel confident in assuming that the model's breasts would be covered. You really got to do some soul searching when you realize that you have driven people to that place. Or, on the other hand, it could be amazing for people to think you are crazy. It's probably easier to impress them that way. Elie asks Josh to consider how comfortable his client will be. Will she be comfortable wearing a fuchsia dress? Hey, also, guess what? In the 700 seasons of writing about this show, I've never spelled "fuchsia" correctly on the first pass. Elie thinks there is a lot going on and that the lace takes it to "another place." Anthony Ryan who has got something a little shitty to say about just about EVERYBODY these days, says that pink and lace remind him of the Playboy Mansion. He says that if Elie says the dress is too much, you should tone it down. Well, I guess that last part just makes sense.

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