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Ivy is next and she gets to video chat with Casanova! Yay! I have to say, there was something really lovely and hard-earned about their friendship that I really respected. It felt like maybe they came off of their season with some bruised egos and were reminded by each other why they do this. I obviously don't know if that is entirely true, but they exhibit the signs of people who have witnessed true vulnerability in the other. There's only so much bullshit that can pass between people once they've been witness to some of the real lows. She tells him that his head looks huge on the monitor and they both giggle about that. She interviews that talking to him helped to lighten her mood. She tells him, while starting to cry, that his departure and being on the bottom so many times has made her feel really discouraged. He tells her that she is not a loser and she needs to fight. She interviews that she plans on not giving up. They say good-bye and it's back to work.

The models come in for their fittings. Uli manages to find some dynamic shoes for her look. Emilio tells his girl that he's finally understanding her body. Anthony Ryan has a few adjustments to make, but he's happy with the look. Ivy decides to leave her dress long, in the name of staying true to her vision. Famous last words and all of that. Uli has a lot of work to do on her dress. She says that it has to be taken in from several sides. Emilio says that it looks like a potato sack. He manages to be a little more magnanimous with Josh and notes that it looks great from the front, problematic in profile and a hot mess from the back. At least he gave him credit for the front, right? With the models gone, they have fifteen minutes to work. Then, the day is over.

At the hotel, Emilio says that he made changes to his dress based on what Elie said. Josh didn't know his background, so Emilio relays how Elie came to the US from Israel without anything and was sleeping in Central Park when he first got here. They all find it very inspiring and decide to always be gracious.

The next day, they all get back to work. They have 2 hours before the show. All of them still have a fair amount of work to complete. They send the girls to hair and makeup and hot makeup daddy, Scott Patric, absorbs all of their needs and worries and makes the world pretty and glossy. Ivy feels that Emilio's dress is too dated, while he thinks that Ivy made a huge error not following Elie's advice and making her dress shorter. Uli loves what Anthony Ryan has done and really wishes she had chosen a print, while Anthony Ryan thinks that Uli's obsession with white means that she is begging the world to get married. Josh has this exposed zipper on the back of his dress that is causing lots of problems. With his usual flair for the elegant, Josh says that the puckering on the zipper makes it appear as though the model has a dump in her butt.

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