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Uli's dress is last and I love it. It's this simple white dress. Beautiful tailoring. At the shoulder, there's this sort of shawl/bow draping that is so cute without being cumbersome. I think this dress is awesome. Like, I could see a lady in her 30's who just, you know, wears a lot of dresses wanting this. Also, I could see women who don't wear a lot of dresses but need something for a special occasion digging this. Like, I could see some tattoo covered chick from Bushwick wearing this to meet her boyfriend's parents. I feel this point in my head so much more clearly than I'm making it with my words. One more pass: it's a dress that can be appreciated by people whose wardrobes are similar to this and much different from this? I tried. Uli thinks that she has presented something different to the judges and is happy with the outcome.

All of the models return to the stage. Uli begins and says that she was drawn to her fabric. Georgina likes the shawl action because she feels like it draws attention to the model's face, which she thinks is always a nice thing. Depends on the face, I suppose. She thinks that the length is neither here nor there. Isaac says that he likes the length though. I suppose now is just as good as any time to say that I've really appreciated Isaac's critique this year. I don't necessarily always stand with him at the end, but I do appreciate that he is always trying to look at things with honesty. He doesn't get locked into a way of thinking just because it was the first way he may have looked at a particular garment. He says that he likes the hem in the way that you do when you find a vintage dress that seems a little wrong, but that's what turns you on about it. I feel like he's speaking to the deepest anthropological responses that we have to fashion when he says that. Maybe I'm getting carried away? I just really appreciate that level of discourse that is confident enough in its meaning that it can veer from pure straight unwavering rhetoric. It can take a step back and go forward with more clarity. Carolyn says that she loves all of Uli's dresses. Stacy says that she would absolutely wear Uli's dress. She thinks that she nailed the challenge and that it's very classy. Let's just find a new word for when we want to say something is classy. It just doesn't sound classy are evoke something classy when you hear someone say that something is classy. Elie thinks that she used the fringe on the fabric in a correct and modern way.

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