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Love and Fear

The designers go backstage and Josh admits to making a mistake by not editing out the zipper. He says that he will be really upset if he gets eliminated for a zipper. Back onstage, they all are crazy about Uli's and Anthony Ryan's designs. Isaac thinks that they should both win. Georgina asks Elie who he thinks would sell better. Mystery. Isaac says that he will lie on the runway if they try to eliminate Emilio this week, because he wasn't the worst. So, Ivy and Josh are the bottom two. Isaac thinks it's a problem that Ivy is always on the bottom. Carolyn thinks that Ivy is boring and Josh needs to tone it down.

The designers return to the stage. The winning designer is Anthony Ryan! Damn, this dude is winning a lot. Elie says that his first fashion show 40 years earlier is right where Anthony Ryan is standing! Anthony Ryan interviews that winning scares the shit out of him because it's like the calm before the storm. Uli is safe. She goes backstage and congratulates Anthony Ryan and jokes that he needs to stop winning.

Onstage, Emilio is safe. Carolyn tells Josh that his fabric was gorgeous but he made an average dress. She tells Ivy that no one would want to take her dress off of the hanger, even if they liked it once it was on. Ivy is...out. Josh is very relieved. She stays very positive, which is cool. She interviews that she was so obsessed with winning Season 8 that it ate her alive. She goes backstage and is very upbeat. She interviews that she is really excited about what the future holds. Good luck, Ivy! I'm not the only one wants to see an Ivy & Cas line of clothing, am I?

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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