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At Parson's, Heidi greets them. She tells them that, for this challenge, she wants them to spread their wings. Viktor interview that his, "wings are spread, mmkay, girl?" Heidi leaves and everyone thinks this is going to be about skydiving. How horrible. What if they had to sew while falling from the sky? Laura, whose voice is really getting to me -- sorry, that's mean, I just -- she could use some elocution lessons. Tighten up that speech. Anyway, Laura slurs that maybe they'll be designing a skydiving harness or a parachute. This is the challenge when I'd quit modeling if someone came to me and said I'd be jumping from a plane wearing a harness designed by one of these guys.

The designers enter the workroom to find several exotic birds on perches. Kimberly is not into this. She's a city girl and does not like closeness with animals. Collier Strong is there too! You see, Collier is the consulting make-up artist for L'Oreal Paris. The birds are supposed to serve as inspiration for a high fashion look. The winning design will be featured in an advertisement in Marie Claire. The birds are a cockatoo, an owl, an Amazonian parrot or somesuch and a raven. Tim adds a little something- the winning designer will get a cash prize of 20 GRAND. You heard me. Shit. Josh interviews that he's really strapped for cash and could really use this prize. Viktor is coy about wanting the money. I think maybe he has a little crush on whomever it is that's filming these interviews. He seems really flirty a lot of the time when he's being interviewed. There's another thing, Tim says that they are going to work in pairs. Anya throws her head back. Kimberly interviews that she is over the team challenges. I think we all are.

Tim is pulling buttons from the lovely velvet button bag to determine the pairs. The first is Anya and Laura. Anya is happy! So is Laura! Josh and Bert are working together. Bert interviews that he and Josh love each other now, so this is a good thing. The mending of Josh and Bert happened very quietly, didn't it? Viktor and Kimberly are the final pair and Viktor interview that "Yay!" (accompanying eye roll) he and Kimberly can both make good work. Each pair will be designing for a specific bird. The button bag is responsible for these pairings too. Laura and Anya get the raven, Josh and Bert the Amazon and Kimberly and Viktor get the cockatoo. Kimberly is excited because she finds Viktor to be a fantastic person all around.

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