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This is the most stressful looking trip to Mood that we've ever seen, in my opinion. That said, they seem really inspired. Back at the workroom, Anya and Laura have to fight their urge to be friendly with each other. Kimberly says that Viktor has the edge on her construction-wise. Bert feels that having Josh as his competition is probably a good thing because they are already so different. At the end of the work day, Kimberly says that she doesn't think anyone has started their second look yet.

The next day, as they are getting ready, Kimberly is lying in bed and tells Anya that she's going to take a sick day. At the workroom, Kimberly is struggling. First, she can't get her dress form to lower in height. She hasn't even put anything on the form yet. Then, there's a big cockroach and the poor girl gets on the table to get away from it. Anya saves the day and kills it with a giant shoe from the accessories wall. Josh says that she was like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. She just saved everyone, ya'll. Anya is a hero.

Tim comes in with Collier and the consultations begin. They spend a lot of time talking about L'Oreal products. There is a really funny moment where Josh says that he thinks there should be a streak of purple in the make-up look and Collier very quietly tells him that it's too much. Then, he laughs that Josh needs to step away from the purple. Collier is a genius. It all looks so good.

Back in the workroom, Bert is talking to himself. He tells everyone to tell him if he starts to annoy them. They say that they like it. Bert interviews that people didn't get him in the beginning, but they seem to like him much more now. Viktor compliments the jacket that Laura is making and Anya says that he's not supposed to be taking sides. Funny! Right? No tension! Right?

Poor Kimberly. There's a stain in her very light fabric. She's starting to lose it. She interviews that things are not going well. She can't get that stain out. So, Josh really isn't feeling his first look. In order to take his mind off of it, he turns his attention to the next look. He looks at the fabric that he purchased and focuses on this bright orange. Of course he does. It says to him "Amazon" and "beauty." Back to Kimberly. It's clear that she's starting to lose it. She says that she needs to step it up, then she interviews that she's not sure her looks are going to be as polished and finished as they need to be. Don't we all like Kimberly? It makes me sad at the thought of her going out like this. Viktor and Anya discuss what is happening on her dress form, which is not very much. Anya says that she's impressed that Kimberly is pushing herself for this challenge. She points out that Viktor has a lot of experience, whereas Kimberly taught herself how to sew. She really hopes that she's able to finish the challenge. Anya feels like the current state of Kimberly's looks reflect her current emotional state, which is not good. Then, Kimberly stabs her finger with the sewing machine. She tries to keep it together and its really a scene of quiet desperation. She kind of wanders around then goes to the bathroom and cries. Anya says it feels like she's watching her unravel in front of her. She and Laura go to check on her. Poor thing. She pulls it together and tells herself to focus. She interviews that she lost her mother at 17 and it has been hard being a young girl without a mom. Jesus, that's moving. There's something so warm and lovely about Kimberly. Then, she lost her step-dad and brother. Damn. She feels like life has been about her fighting to get where she is.

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