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Polly Want The Head Of Anya On A Platter?

Josh has decided to scrap his original design because it's heinous. Well, bless his heart for trying to be objective. But, then, he asks Anya for some fabric. She's cool with him but interviews that the time has passed for that. I guess some could question her ethics there, but she has been generous in the past. Her timeline for when it was no longer time for helping seems like maybe it's a little arbitrary, but you could make an argument for why this is the perfect time for that line. Josh says that when the stakes are high, you seem people's true colors. That doesn't really make sense. When the stakes are high, you see people competing like competitors. He says that maybe some people aren't remembering the help that she was given earlier, but we already remember Tim saying that Anya was very helpful to her fellow designers. He says that she gave him a little attitude too. Whatever. She thinks that there's something inappropriate about even asking for help right now. I'd agree with her, mostly because that's just what I'm going to do. He says that he doesn't need her fabric.

Josh decides to make a circle skirt for his first look. He gets really pissy watching Anya talk to Bert about her second look. She doesn't really have a plan for actually getting her model into the dress and Josh interviews that it's obvious that she has only sewed for four months. He says that he has been working for this for years and here she is jumping in and expecting to be a success. He says that true talent will shine through, which actually favors her more. Anybody can just study sewing for a long time. It takes true talent to transcend your lack of sewing skill.

Tim enters the quiet room. He talks to Laura and suggests that she ditch her second look. It's not delicate enough and doesn't reach the heights of the jacket in her first look. On to Anya and the arm holes in the first dress don't match. Laura is watching and feels more confident because she's a much more experienced seamstress. Tim loves the shape of the second look. Tim asks Josh in French what is in front of him and Josh makes some joke about not understanding what he said. Unless that's really not a joke. Tim wants to see the first dress that Josh was working on. He feels that the new skirt looks craft-y. Josh isn't hearing it and Bert interviews that he has real problems with reigning things in. The second look gets a thumbs up. Tim doesn't feel that Bert's looks are high fashion. Bert disagrees and Tim hears what he says and moves on. Tim thinks that maybe Viktor needs to pull some color into his looks, to make it look a little less bridal. Kimberly scares Tim with her state of mind. Her second look is costume-y to him. She just says that she doesn't know. He tells her to stop thinking and just feel things. He gives her a big hug and it's really sweet. She interviews that having him as support was very emotional for her. Tim mentions the prize money again and Josh says that the 20 grand could change his life. I don't like him, but you can tell he really needs that money. I almost hope that he wins it.

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