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Kimberly says she was trying to be soft and romantic. She tells the story about her first dress getting ruined and kids that Viktor set her dress on fire. Michael says it's cut very well. Francisco thinks the look is too mature, but loves the mix of fabrics. Nina thinks there is a pageant feel to the dress. Viktor says he was trying to be whimsical and fun. Michael loves the colors but feels that it's too literal. Heidi says that, though she has more imperfections in her dress, she likes Kimberly's dress more! Wow! Talk about a comeback! Nina thinks there are too many feathers. Kimberly has the high score!

Wow, so Laura and Viktor are part of the bottom. Interesting. Kimberly is feeling good, especially after beating "the mighty Viktor." As the judges confer, Heidi says that she really liked this challenge. They loved Anya's design. Michael even tips his hat to the construction. Michael also loves Josh's dress and Francisco asks him if he'd wear it. He jokes that he's a very "orange kind of guy" and I wonder if he's making a reference to the public's feelings about his self-tanning practices. What do you think? He has never really seemed that self-deprecating to me before. They are proud of Kimberly for stepping out of her comfort zone. Heidi thinks that all of the lower scored folks were too literal. Laura's and Bert's were the actual bottom. Heidi liked the hidden color of Bert's look, but not the outcome. This was not his challenge. They feel that Laura was waaay to literal. The women seem to really hate her.

The designers are back. Anya is the "clear winner" of this challenge! You can feel Josh seeing that money leave him. She leaves the runway and Josh looks pissed. Josh is in. He goes backstage and is very quiet. She asks if he's mad at her and he says no, unconvincingly. He interviews that he's infuriated because her model had to be cut out of her dress. He laments losing the prize money and she reminds him that there's a grand prize cash award and gets up and walks away from her. He interviews that she has a strategy for this game and is doing well. Yeah, that strategy would be making stuff that she believes in and represents her taste more than her sewing. Right? She's pure evil. Kimberly is in. Viktor is in. It's down to Laura and Bert. Laura is... in. She is relieved and verklempt. She promises to take risks before giving Bert a hug and leaving the runway. Heidi says that they all think he's a great designer and he says he made the wrong choices for this challenge. He interviews that he wasn't surprised at being eliminated. He says he was grateful that the other designers seemed to like him when they were saying goodbye.

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