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Tim loves Miranda's jacket. Jeremy thinks it "looks like something from that film with 101... dogs." I think he remembered that they were Dalmatians partway through that sentence, but decided not to say it because he'd look even sillier. The pattern is hound's-tooth, which you might remember as being the pattern that my mother had on a winter coat in the 1970s. I mean, you probably don't, but there's a chance, right? Tim doesn't like the "prim fussiness" of her peach neckerchief. I love Tim, but when he thinks you're being too prim, you've got a problem.

Kate is doing a hunting party-slash-equestrian look, and Tim recommends she make sure not to cut off her model's legs. Kate realizes that instead of a regular tuxedo stripe up the side of the pants, she could use a bow tie, and Tim is delighted. Sandro wants to call Tim "Top Gunn," and Tim is fine with that. And then Sandro complains about the judges always telling him, "too much." He wants to give his model a bag he's very fond of, and Tim assures him that he should be true to himself. Tim says, "I don't want you to be making decisions about your design work based on what you think the judges wanna see." Sandro, missing the point entirely, says, "Absolutely! I'm trying to find the key, what they want from me!" Tim sets him straight and encourages him to be who he is. But Sandro is convinced that Zac Posen is out to get him. He sees Zac Posens around every corner. So he's going to try to design what he thinks Zac Posen might like, because that will make him a winner. Except it won't, of course.

After the commercial, Sandro is still complaining about Zac Posen complaining about details. He wants to have a challenge one-on-one with Zac Posen. Tim tells him that he wouldn't be happy to win with something he doesn't like. So Sandro decides he's going to go with the drama. Tim tells him to be who he is. Ken interviews that "who Sandro is" is a huge drama queen who wants lots of attention. What? On a reality show? The devil you say!

Tim gets to Jeremy and shares his condolences about his grandmother. Jeremy is fairly British about the whole thing: "So it's kind of knocked me off my game today, slightly." He admits in an interview that he's not really concentrating on the outfit. He's making a red lace tuxedo. Tim, quite logically, thinks that's too much lace. Jeremy seems to have a plan, at least. Bradon's next, and he has a lot of ties. He's making a top out of ties, and Tim likes it. Kate thinks it's kind of literal. Literal can be good! And now Bradon's thinking of making a skirt out of tie-shingles, but Tim talks him down from that.

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