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Ten minutes! Run around! Freak out! Miranda turns her shirt into a crop top. Sandro is still hand-sewing! And now it's time to go! And they all do!

It's time for the Runway! Heidi comes out in a shiny black number to talk about fashion, being in and out on separate days, and marriage equality. The judges are Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And Heidi. And Tim!

Dom's dress is pinstriped and looks great. The bow ties are all stuck around the neckline kind of haphazardly.

Jeremy's look is less tuxedo-y than he claimed it was going to be. It's basically an orange top and brown trousers. And he used the bow ties in a conceptual fashion, which means I can't see any bow tie anywhere on it.

Bradon's model takes off her great jacket to show a top that's kind of crude for my taste. But it's clearly made out of ties!

Ken's dress has a leather dress, and he claims the ties are in the seams. He doesn't like the exposed zipper in the back. Neither do I! They've been a plague on this show for a couple of seasons now.

Miranda's got a kind of dowdy pattern, and the jacket does not disguise the ugly green shirt.

Helen thinks she might have gotten away with her look, but it doesn't fit around the breasts at all well.

Alexander has a really fun dress with bow ties kind of fanned out to make a Elizabethan ruff. Sort of. It has kind of a circus clown quality. Look, you can see the bow ties, and that's what was supposed to happen.

Sandro has made an awful peach dress with ridiculous silver bow ties pretending to be suspenders but really just draped over the shoulders.

Sue's dress has bow ties trailing off it for no real reason. She claims that it's "very avant-garde," which it could be. Any time I don't understand a dress, there's a chance that it's avant-garde.

Justin's dress is a regular black dress with the shape of a bow tie picked out in white. He admits that it doesn't have much impact.

Kate made "some ready-to-wear," which means trousers and a blouse. I think it looks good, but if I didn't know the trouser stripes were bow-tie shaped, I don't think I would notice it. Everyone seemed to base their tie shapes on the way a bow tie looks when it's untied, which is weird. Most people think of the bow, don't they?

Karen's got kind of a businesswoman thing going. The low-cut collar has a cutout that looks like an untied bow tie that has been left loose around the neck, which is absolutely the coolest way to wear a bow tie. It has a great Rat Pack After Hours vibe.

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