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Voice Make DOWN!

Alexandria has a clean backless dress, and the bow tie is the edge of the fabric. That just looks like an uneven hem.

That's everyone! It's so many people! Kate, Bradon, Jeremy, Sue, Dom, and Miranda are the highest and the lowest. But Heidi takes a moment to scold Helen, who knows she's lucky to have immunity. Helen doesn't argue with them. Nina speculates that Helen could have won last time just because she had Kate on her team. Helen has the sense not to talk back.

But you know who does not have that sense? Sandro! Although he's safe, he still wants to get some notes about his garment. Zac says, "It looks like somebody went home with a man in an evening gown and came back with the tie attached to it and half her dress ripped. It looked like the walk of shame after an awards show." I like that, because Zac wouldn't have had that quip prepared. That came off the dome! Sandro complains that he had only eleven hours. Zac praises the construction; it's the taste he didn't like. Zac makes Heidi admit that she wouldn't wear that dress. He tells Sandro that he doesn't know who he is as a designer, because it's all referential to other designers. Sandro demands more direction, and Zac says this isn't a student show. Finally, Heidi reminds Sandro that he's safe and dismisses them.

The back room. Helen complains about the judges saying she only won because of Kate. Sandro tries to enlist her on his campaign against the judges, and everyone tells him he's being disrespectful to the judges. Helen tells him she's not going to scream at judges. He starts interrupting her, and she starts yelling. We get to that "Voice. Make. DOWN!" from the beginning of the episode. Helen tells Sandro he doesn't have respect. Ken tags in and tells Sandro to calm the [BLEEP] down. Sandro tells him that if he doesn't shut up, they're going to have a problem. I think Justin turns off his implant somewhere around here. Sandro flips off Helen to prove that he doesn't care that she's a woman, and now she's crying openly. She gets up to leave while he keeps shouting, and then he leaves. Just like at the top of the show!

Sandro gets up, takes off his microphone, and walks out. It's not clear who he's angry at at this point. He walks past ladders and a secret backstage accessory wall. A camera follows him out to the sidewalk, and he threatens to smash the camera. And then he apparently does! The screen goes wonky for a second, but then it's back and watches him walk away. Good! I hope he doesn't come back.

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