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Heidi asks Victorya who she thinks should be eliminated, and of course she says Ricky. Ricky says Victorya. And Elisa? Elisa says that her rule has been that she would choose herself. So, she does. A little precious, but I like her. It's nice, right?

Heidi asks Steven who he thinks should go, and he says Chris. This is so ugly. Chris chooses himself. Heidi then asks Sweet P, who whisper-asks Chris if she can do eeny-meeny-miney-moe. Heidi's not playing, and asks Sweet P again, curtly this time. Sweet P chooses Steven because she thinks his outfit stands out from the others the most. Then she apologizes to him. It's pretty funny. She's a total spaz.

With the designers gone, the judges confer. Donna hated Ricky's outfit. She's surprised that a lingerie designer would do such shoddy work. Nina didn't like Victorya's personality, and doesn't feel that Chris's collection was relevant or cohesive. She didn't think that Steven's outfit matched the other two at all. Donna felt that Chris's jacket had no "body relationship." Heady. Michael thought the jacket was pageant-y and old fashioned.

The designers are brought back out. Commercials! With 68%, the winner is leggings. Go leggings!

We're back. Sweet P is in. Elisa is in. Steven is in. He bows like a dandy and leaves. Victorya is in, so it's down to Ricky and Chris. Chris looks really anxious. Ricky's used to this, but will still probably cry. Heidi says that Ricky's choices made the work harder for his team, and that his outfit was the worst. She tells Chris that his collection was not relevant or cohesive. Ricky is in. Chris is therefore out. He looks so upset. He gets his kiss from Heidi and leaves the stage.

Elisa meets Chris backstage and hugs him. He interviews that this has been a wild ride. He says that he loved what he made and he stands by it. He's going to go back to his life as a freelance costume designer. That sounds so sad! Tim collects Chris and takes him to clean up his space. Chris hopes he brought fun to the show, because that's what his life is about. Oh gosh, Chris. I hope something great happens for you.

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