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At Mood, there's the usual shopping mayhem. I wonder if any civilians ever get trampled in the stampede? Team Christian is a happy bunch. Christian interviews that, because they are all so very fierce, he is calling them Team Star. Because "Team Star is like hot, like star, like celebrity." What have we become, America? He's funny and all, and maybe I'm 100 or something, but that's so fucking stupid. Paris Hilton, what have ye wrought? I feel somehow that I can blame her for this. Ricky interviews that he decided they should use duchess satin for their collection, because it will look "sharp" and "fresh." Chris is really taking the Joan Crawford thing seriously, and has chosen to channel her. "Sweet P, answer me!" he screams across Mood. Also, Steven reports that Chris rejected a patterned fabric that he chose for looking too much like "Grandma's goddamned couch." Yikes.

Back at the workroom, everyone gets to work. Kit worries aloud to her group that the fringe for her design will resemble armpit hair. Christian and Jack get really tickled by that. Team Star looks like it's going to have a lot of fun.

We see Team Chris getting to work. He describes their three looks: Sweet P is making a sack dress, Steven is making a wrap dress, and Chris is making a long dress with a jacket. Did anyone hear anything about cohesion? Yeah, I didn't either. Chris interviews that everyone has him in this costume-y box. Being team leader will give him a chance to show that he's as good a designer as anyone else. Steven asks Chris about the "twirly girly" jacket that he's making, and Chris describes it as having flying arms. Steven's response? "Sweet merciful crap." He interviews that Chris keeps telling him his jacket is going to be great. Experience has shown that we should now officially start worrying about the jacket.

Team Ricky gets the goofy "something's funny" score treatment. Elisa is describing something to Victorya as Ricky looks on like a Russian dance mistress. Ricky interviews that his modern dance training allows him to talk to people like Elisa. He likens her to teachers who seemed like they were "high on pot" and talked about things like "feel the crease" and "center." Ricky and Elisa seem a little warm and fuzzy together. It's also kind of gross, and I'm not even sure why. He seems like he's patronizing her a little.

More Team Star shenanigans. Christian jokes at Kit that she should "make a fucking dress." In slo-mo, Christian twirls in a pretty jacket.

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