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With one hour remaining in the workday, Team Jillian seems to be having a crisis. Jillian doesn't feel that Kevin's work is coming along well enough. He interviews that the pattern was very difficult. She interviews that she's ultimately responsible for his work, so she's nervous.

The next day, the designers return to the workroom. Everyone seems a little nervous, because the challenge is so difficult design-wise. Steven does what I guess is some sort of Tim Gunn impression: "Designers, I'm afraid I'm here to tell you that you're screwed. There's nothing you can do to fix what you're working on." Big laughs at this. Why does this dude freak me out so much? I think he's cute as a button, but his delivery is just disturbing. Too much conscious enunciation and breathing. It's just unsettling.

We see Elisa asking a question about some darts on her design, and the camera pulls back to reveal Victorya as the person being questioned. Without hesitation, she answers Elisa's question. Elisa then asks if she should use the stitch "that you like?" Yes, she should. Victorya interviews that she doesn't like to be a "bossy cow," but, you see, she's a bossy cow. She has "serious ideas about fashion." She interviews that her team is trying to incorporate all the trends into each look. We see her looking over Ricky's shoulder and critiquing his work. He interviews that it bothered him. Victorya continues, and Ricky interviews that she needs to work on her own design or they're going to be in trouble. He'd probably do better telling her that than the interview people.

With seven hours remaining in the workday, Tim returns. He says that "in the spirit of wanting to help you succeed," he's sending in the models for a half hour of fittings. Everyone is very happy about this. On the negative side, Sweet P feels that Steven's design doesn't feel like part of the same collection as hers and Chris's designs.

Kevin's design doesn't fit his model. They'd fitted it on Jillian, but apparently she's thinner than the model is. She's freaking out that the design doesn't fit, but she's probably also like, "Could you make sure this part gets on TV? I'm thinner than the model. This needs to make the show." Kevin is pretty frustrated, but does a good job of keeping it together. It looks like he decides to re-cut the fabric for his design.

After fitting her model, Victorya feels that her look resembles something a "harlequin would wear to festival." The mannequins are like, "We'll just take your word for that." She further interviews that it was clear to her that the design would have to change. She tells her model, Jacqueline, that the design will be completely different for the runway show. Jacqueline responds, "I trust you." She's not your customer. When all the models are leaving, Elisa calls out, "Bye Aviva! Have a great day!"

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