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With three hours remaining until the end of the day, Ricky asks Victorya how her design is coming along. She says it's fine. There's such a palpable tension between them that it almost seems fake. His frustration seems barely masked, and her passive-aggression is really showy. Ricky interviews that Victorya told Jacqueline the design would change without consulting him. He shares a concern with Victorya about some criss-crosses on the bust of design, and she responds without looking at him, "I don't know. I'm kinda liking the criss-crosses." Ricky thinks that they're in trouble because Victorya is giving no consideration to his ideas.

Jillian has gone to another place. A bad place. She mumbles, "I just can't believe it right now." She interviews that Kevin should be further along with his design than he is. Rami tells her that Kevin has to finish. That's it. Rami then interviews that, when you have people working under you, you have to push them. He doesn't want the miscalculation of time to ruin the vision of the collection. That's a very nicely worded thought.

With two hours remaining, Tim comes in for a visit. Team Star presents. They used a pinstripe pattern to represent the zoot suit. Crafty bitches. I'd say the silhouette was the most important part of zoot suits, but way to get around that. Tim feels that it looks very modern.

Team Chris presents. Tim's not feeling the cohesion, and he doesn't like Chris's jacket. The dress underneath the jacket is sleeveless, as Sweet P's and Steven's designs are, so that would at least suggest cohesion. He also feels that Chris's dress looks more modern without the jacket. Steven, with a misty eye, interviews that he prays that the judges "get it." That's cute. He thinks that the judges won't "get it."

Tim feels that Team Jillian has a cohesive collection. He says they all look like Jillian, and then he laughs with Kevin and Rami. No laugh from Jillian, who just responds that her team felt comfortable with her as the leader because this is her style. Tim says that they have a lot to do, and suggests that they "make it work."

Tim tells Team Ricky that their collection doesn't look finished or refined. Victorya says that "in a perfect world," she would have changed the silhouettes of the collection. Ricky looks pissed. He starts to say something, and Victorya says she wants to finish what she was going to say. She tells Tim, essentially, that she had two designs in mind, and convinced Elisa and Ricky to follow her lead. Tim, confused, points out that Ricky is the team leader; he's so confused, in fact, that he was just voiced over for that part. That's always disturbing to me. We see Team Ricky nodding while Dubbed Tim says, "I'm confused. But I'll leave it to you all to figure out. Just make sure it's cohesive." Ricky interviews that Victorya's statements to Tim threw him for a loop.

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