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The next morning, Jillian interviews that she's nervous about the runway show because Kevin is not finished with his design. Elisa says that she is excited, but there is a "conflict of communication" between Victorya and Ricky. Um, I would say they're communicating just fine. Maybe a conflict via communication is what we're dealing with here. Elisa also thinks that their collection is not really cohesive.

In the workroom, everybody's dealing with last-minute details. Ricky interviews that he and Elisa are finished with their designs. Victorya, however, changed her design and didn't ask for help from Ricky. He says that you can offer to help, but you can't make people listen to you. Very true, Ricky. Don't cry. Yet.

Kevin interviews that Jillian wasn't happy with his progress. He tells us that he's going to try to pull a magic rabbit out of his ass, in order to make all of this work. Well, if it's been up there all along, he should have pulled it out earlier. It would have saved all of us a lot of heartache. ["Not least the rabbit." -- Sars]

Tim enters and sends in the models. Steven thinks the jacket for Chris's outfit is going to be a problem. Meanwhile, Ricky thinks that the bodice for Victorya's outfit, which is flattening the model's bust, is wrong. Victorya likes things to be flat, because that's what she's used to seeing on other runways. I had kinda pegged Victorya for the winner of this season, or at least a super-strong competitor, but she's sounding a little weak now. Ricky makes a few changes, and Victorya interviews that, after she sat with them for a few minutes, she liked Ricky's changes. Well, at least she's big enough to give credit where it's due.

Hair and makeup time! Afterwards, we see that Kevin has finally finished his look. Jillian interviews that she feels bad for doubting Kevin, because his work was great. He tells her that he knows it's hard to trust that last-minute-magic stuff. It's also hard to trust that Kevin's head won't leave ink stains on his pillow at night.

Christian thinks his collection looks "ferosh." He kind of creams over his collection in his interview, and I hate him for it and I don't know why. Why do I begrudge Christian his silly talk? There are certainly worse things a person could do. I don't know what to say. I just have a very hard time taking him seriously when he talks like that.

Tim enters and has everyone gather round. Meanwhile, we hear Christian's critiques of the other collections. He finds Ricky's "horribly ugly." He's right. He doesn't think Chris's is any better. He also thinks the jacket on Chris's look is "pure costume." He's right, but he's so not the person that should be saying this. His eighties look from the SJP episode would have been over-the-top in Dune. Christian doesn't get to tell us about what's costume. But then he says, "But you never know, the judges might die over it. Or, they might die because of it." All's forgiven, goose.

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