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The designers are going to get seven yards of fabric (cotton or chiffon), a crate of spray paint and two hours to create what they want. They will get 50 dollars and 15 minutes at Mood later to get the rest of what they need. Althea says that she creates prints for her own line, so she's excited to get creative for this challenge as well. Laura Kathleen says that she didn't wear the proper attire for this challenge because her shit's expensive. She is getting more boring almost every time she opens her mouth.

Kayne of Many Colors interviews the graffiti artists because he wanted to know what inspired them. Ivy decides to go with a "girl power" theme, which needs to take a nap next to Rayon's look because they are both so tired. Anyway though, she seems confident with it and says that she's going to make a suit because it reminds her of a superhero revealing that they are not ordinary under their clothes.

Meres One, an aerosol artist, shows them some different techniques for manipulating the spray cans. Sen 2 and Zimad also pop in and give some hints. Andrae thinks it's exciting to learn the tricks of the trade. They all get started and Laura Kathleen is insulted that Althea is using the same colors as her. Boring. Then, Ivy helps out Casanova because she has free time and he helped her during the last challenge. Laura Kathleen also has a problem with this. More boring.

They go to Mood and have to dash around like crazy. They've only got like a few pennies and eight minutes. It's terrifying. And, that's all they do for that day. Seems like they could have given them a little more time at Mood. Whatever. The next morning at the Night Hotel, Althea tells Laura Kathleen that she feels Rayon may be making his print too busy. Laura Kathleen adds that Kayne of Many Colors has created a print with words on it and it sort of looks like patchwork. In the guys' room, Josh says that he feels like this challenge is going to get personal, because the prints are from them. He likens it to someone criticizing your personal appearance -- you can't do anything about it. Then, he admits that he could in fact pluck another eyebrow.

Back at the workroom, Emilio discovers that his fabric is stiffer due the paint that he used on it. So, he wants to make an exaggerated denim jacket. Kayne of Many Colors interviews that word has gotten around that Laura Kathleen has offended everyone on the premises. He and Ivy are in the break room eating and he tells her that Laura Kathleen is always talking about how her grandmother took her to Neiman's and Sak's when she was a little girl. And that bit about how her high school cost more than her college. Gross. He says that he has heard her say so many things related to money. Ivy thinks that is weird because she never says anything like that around her, to which Kayne of Many Colors responds that it's probably because she would tell her that she's a selfish bitch. This gets a big laugh from both of them. Then, he says that once she said that she must have been a saint in a past life because she's been given so much in this one. That really gets them and they're laughing hard when Laura Kathleen walks in. They pipe down but start giggling once she sits down, which is pretty rude. Laura Kathleen says that Ivy is being mean to her and Ivy does that, "You're entitled to your opinion" thing, which is so passive aggressive. It's just this mind fuck that you're not allowed to do anything about. Laura Kathleen interviews that Ivy is not the Zen lady that she has painted herself t be this season. Scary. Then, Kayne of Many Colors tells Laura Kathleen that she should think more carefully about the things that she says, because some people can take them the wrong way. I don't think that's very sincere advice, however, I have to say that Kayne of Many Colors has never been more compelling than he was sitting there shit-talking with Ivy. It really brought something interesting out in him.

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