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Back in the workroom, Kayne of Many Colors is working and Laura Kathleen says that it looks like "circus rainbow." She feels like he hasn't organized the panels in his look properly. Joanna comes in and begins her consultation. She starts with Althea and notes that the pattern looks like the very one that she is wearing. She says that she's wearing one of her own prints, but was playing around with the techniques that she learned from the aerosol artists. Joanna seems a little critical of the look.

I can't tell what she thought about Emilio's look. Kayne of Many Colors describes his look to her and she says that he must ask himself whether it's fabulous or hideous. Do you really have to ask yourself that? Wouldn't you just know? She goes to Anthony Ryan and he explains that he used to be a graphic artist. Kayne of Many Colors says that he feels like Anthony Ryan's look is cheap and simple. He says that he didn't want his look to be too "Over the Rainbow." Casanova is making a dress and Joanna says that she loves it. She tells Uli that she loves color palette. She asks her if she had much access to art when she growing up in East Germany. She says that she didn't. She left as soon as the Berlin Wall came down, because she was afraid it would be rebuilt. Joanna points out that the Wall was covered in aerosol art. It seems kind of forced to make that point. Andrae tells Joanna that he is a big fan of conceptual art. Joanna remarks that his pattern is very pretty, but is it wearable art. I guess she's trying to say that his look would work on a runway but not in an art gallery.

Joshua says that he is familiar with aerosol cans because of spraying the shit out of his hair every morning. Rayon tells Joanna that he was inspired by earth and sky and stars. So, just about everything. He was inspired by everything. He says that he's making this dress that has some skin showing but can still be worn with a bra, which we all know makes Joanna very happy. Casanova interviews that Rayon's look is a total mess. She talks to Laura Kathleen about who she thinks shouldn't be in the competition. She says that everyone here can sew, so it will really come down to taste levels. Ivy says that she was inspired by pop art, which is promising because her earlier ideas really do look great through that lens. Joanna asks her how important she feels taste is in the competition and she says that Vivienne Westwood once said that you either have good taste or you don't. Laura interviews that she feels like Ivy is attacking people. Did she say anything meaner than the stuff that Laura Kathleen said? Don't answer that. I know the answer. I felt like Ivy's answer was fairly politic. Laura Kathleen says that she can compete without being a bitch. She should try that then.

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