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Kara describes her dress for Nina. Nina seems to like it.

Nora is asked about her dress. Constance says, "The dress is as simplistic as your explanation." Constance seems offended by the dress. Nina, as well, tells Nora that she was expecting more. The designers leave the runway, while the judges deliberate.

Nina says that she could feel the emotion in Starr's dress, but Heidi says, "It did look like cancer." She says this with a giggle, and Nina agrees. Nina says that Wendy's dress was unacceptable. She says "unacceptable" twice. She remembers last week's candy bikini again. Damn, she is not forgetting that ever! Backstage, we see Wendy (or the drag queen who has taken her place) telling Austin that the judges hated her designs both this week and last. The judges think Nora's design lacked personality. She is practically hyperventilating backstage. As well, Mario's design seemed uninventive. Heidi HATES it, though. I've never seen so much life in her. She says, "The dress was not sexy!" I think that's probably the worst thing you can do, in Heidi's book: make a dress that's not sexy. Backstage, Mario and Jay discuss what will happen if he is eliminated. Jay ponders, "Did you shave your legs?" Heidi reveals to the judges the high and low bids in the auction. Nina says that they are not surprised.

It's time for the elimination. Robert is "in." Starr is "in." The winner of the auction is Kara Saun; $405 was the winning bid. Not bad. Wow, Starr was one of the best then. Nora is "in." She cries backstage. Jay says, "My bowels are churning." Evocative. Wendy is told that she sucks. But, so does Mario. He received the lowest bid at the auction. Wendy is "in." Mario goes backstage. He says in an interview that this has been a positive experience. Jay cries really really hard. It's totally touching. Jay says in an interview that he hadn't cried that hard in decades. I guess he just didn't see Forrest Gump, then, did he? Then, Tim Gunn comes in and tells Mario that he has to clean up his space. Everyone is sad to see Mario go, Tim Gunn included -- I think. Mario's goodbye interview is some rote speech about being true to yourself. I really like his rapport with Jay, so I'm a little sad to see him go.

Next week: Those "bitchy moments" that Jay was wishing for appear. Jay and Robert face off, as do Starr and Kevin. And, it looks like Starr turns into some sort of pyromaniac.

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