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Apparently, immunity in the challenge also grants you first choice of a model. After Austin chooses Martinique, Heidi starts pulling large red buttons out of a bag. The buttons have the contestants' names on them. We see Morgan looking very uncomfortable on the runway, and hear her say in a voice-over that the designers probably won't want to work with her because she was late. At least she is not acting like it's the whole world's fault and not hers. That must have helped her karma a little bit, because Vanessa chooses her. The designers choose their models, and one girl, Mary, remains. She is eliminated. Heidi still has to tell her she's "out" -- just to rub it in a little bit. I feel a tiny bit thrilled, until I see Mary backstage. She is such a good sport, and the other models seem really sad to see her go. Good luck Mary!

Heidi wishes the contestants luck, and they are on their way.

In the Project Runway Workshop, a giant bolt of cotton jersey is wrapped around all of the pillars and drawing tables. The silver fox, Tim Gunn, tells them that the cotton is their blank canvas. They need to be creative and convey "envy." Then he introduces Linda DeFranco, director of trend forecasting at Cotton Incorporated. Linda is lovely, sweet, and seemingly pointless in her appearance on the show. My only guess is that she won an appearance on the show at the Cotton Christmas Party the previous year. Linda tells the designers that cotton is great because it can be dyed. And, that's all. She wishes them luck and is off. Even Tim seems mystified by her lack of purpose. She's like the Tori and Randy Spelling of Cotton Inc. (Conversely, Tori and Randy Spelling are the cotton of Spelling Productions.)

Wendy leads the cutting of the cotton jersey. We see Mario and Jay, in separate interviews, saying that Wendy is calm and maternal. We see her ration the cotton according to who has short versus long dresses. She seems helpful. Then, in an interview, she reveals that every move she makes is strategic: "I know that exploiting my role as a mother is kind of evil, truly." She doesn't care, though, because she wants it all! And nothing is going to stop her! Thus, we are introduced to one of the greatest villains in TV history. Wendy "Leave Her to Heaven" Pepper.

Later, before Tim Gunn takes the designers to shop for supplies, he tells them that they will have until midnight that night (as well as a couple of hours the following day) to finish their designs. Everyone seems frantic. Once again, they get $50 apiece for supplies. This time, they go to an actual fabric store.

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