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Alexandra says in an interview that her goal in the competition is "to do the best that I can." That girl's an open book, huh? Nora, however, is looking for respect from "the fashion world of the future." Everyone buys their supplies (lots of dye is purchased), and then they are back to the Workshop to get to work.

Alexandra says that dyeing the cotton is really difficult, and it does look like some people are having problems. Starr, for one, ruins an entire wall's paint job by splashing it with dye. Vanessa and Robert have this weird argument that I'm not sure I understand. Everyone is dyeing their fabric in plastic boxes (like the kind you used to hold stuff under your bed at college), and Robert has his resting on the sink. I guess it is the only sink, because Vanessa demands that he move it. He just kind of rambles on unintelligibly and walks off as Vanessa looks really pissed. It was that unclear. I'm sorry.

Kara Saun says in an interview that people are getting "paranoid and delusional." Then, we are witness to Kevin looking frantically around his workspace. He can't find his dye. Then, Kevin says in an interview that he asked Jay if he'd seen Kevin's dye and "[Jay] just blew [Kevin] off." Not to be blown, Kevin is on Jay like white on rice. We don't really hear anything that Kevin says, but we get an earful from Jay, who is plenty peeved that he is being asked to prove his innocence. Finally, he shows Kevin his own fabric, which is being dyed, and offers, "If I used your black dye, my stuff would be black right now. Not purple. It is impossible for me to have stolen your dye, you [bleep]ing bitch." Then, in an interview, Jay says, "I did not take the bitch's dye. That's fo sho." Excellent. Commercial break.

We're back, and Kevin still cannot find his dye. Mario and Jay are smoking outside, and Mario mentions that people's true selves show when they are under pressure. Jay says in voice-over that he and Mario have become really close. Then, as they are walking back into Parsons, Mario says, "After you, bitch." Precious moments. Inside, Jay is feeling really uncomfortable because he's a person of interest in the case of the missing dye. In an interview, once again wearing the white mink stole and Björk buns, Jay says, "I am not a thief, and I am not a stealer; but I want to be one, and I want to play one on TV." I think he's just talking image and not action. Finally, Wendy Pepper finds Kevin's dye. Since no one but the interview crew knows that Wendy Pepper is evil, no one suspects her of hiding the dye. I wonder if she did. We see Jay and Mario exchange grins after the dye is found. Also, Kevin lamely apologizes to Jay, who replies, "You're an asswipe."

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