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Waste Not, Want Not

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Waste Not, Want Not

Jeffrey says that his dress can function, and everyone agrees. Michael says that Jeffrey's was the only dress that moved on the runway. He also likes the trompe l'oeil belt painted onto the design. Then he says that it's "ugly beautiful" and he considers that Jeffrey's aesthetic. Jeffrey is like, "Sure," but you can tell he's thinking, "This guy just called me ugly."

Heidi thinks that Alison's model looks huge. She thinks the hair looks like Minnie Mouse. She repeats the fat thing and says that Alexandra looks like a plus model. Ooh, you're going to hear about that one, Heidi. Meanwhile, Alexandra doesn't flinch during any of this, which I admire. I'm sure visions of my future plans to adopt an eating disorder would clearly prance across my face if someone were saying those things about me on TV. Michael thinks it's unflattering and is surprised that a woman would create that for another woman. Heidi adds that she doesn't think it's innovative and Michael says Alexandra looks like a "paper brioche."

The judges deliberate. They all love Laura. Rachel says she would walk out in Michael's outfit. Michael Kors loved Michael's explanation for his design. KoMC doesn't get the same marks. Rachel likens his design to a piñata. Nina says, "We went from Marilyn Monroe to Frankenstein." She really emphasized the "-stein" in "Frankenstein" there. It was kind of funny and I plan on saying it that way for the rest of my days. Not that I say "Franken-STEIN" all that often. Michael chalks KoMC's outfit up to a lapse in judgment. They all feel that Jeffrey's design was smart and brave. Nina thought that Vincent's dress looked like a bad science project and Heidi, taking up for him for the second time, says that "he likes to push the envelope a little bit." What is she doing? That dress looks ridiculous.

They think Alison's outfit was a nightmare. Then Heidi asks would she rather look like a "fat Minnie Mouse" or "slim and long." I'm assuming she's talking about Vincent for the third time. Is she getting a chunk of his 401k or something?

The designers return to the runway. Commercials. Nina wins toughest judge by a landslide. 76 percent.

We're back. Laura is "in." The winner is... Michael! Jeffrey is PISSED. I love it. He interviews that he was amazed to win. Jeffrey is "in" and was "just short" of winning. He interviews that he can't believe he lost to Michael's design, which was the equivalent of "diabetic food." Great sport, that one. KoMC is "in," but "just barely."

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