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Waste Not, Want Not

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Waste Not, Want Not

And it's down to Alison and Vincent. Vincent is told that there's a fine line between "innovation and insanity." Well, it's lucky that Vincent is far into the "insane" section. No need for a photo finish there. Alison is admonished for being a female designer and making a woman look so bad. Alison is "out." She looks shocked.

Backstage, Laura, with one of her boobs seriously hanging out of her dress (and who knew her boobs could do that?), tells Vincent that his girl couldn't walk in her dress. She's outraged that Alison is going home. It's really uncomfortable and I love it. KoMC, trying to smooth things over, says that everyone should just try to enjoy Alison's last moments. Whatever.

Alison says that we have not seen the last of her. She's excited for the next chapter in her life.

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