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Waste Not, Want Not

We see Robert and Kayne of Many Colors enjoying some catered food in a rest area. It's nice to know that they at least feed the poor designers. Robert suggests that they trash-talk someone, but Kayne of Many Colors says that his own design is pretty weak. Robert doesn't want him to leave because that means he'll be left alone with Laura, who he sometimes feels wants to shoot him in the face. Ouch. Kayne of Many Colors thinks her dress looks pretty. It reads, "For Nuts Only," on the back of it. Robert thinks it looks like a straitjacket. I guess he doesn't like her. Maybe they're all just having a little caustic fun, but you can never tell when they're saying it without the target present. Kayne of Many Colors mentions that Laura kissed him on the cheek that day and Robert replies, "I know, you're gonna get a rash. You'd better wash."

Apparently, it's Pick On Laura Day, because Jeffrey interviews that he's really bored with Laura's work. "Another high-waisted skirt," he huffs. Oh please. Could we have another shredded asymmetrical skirt? It's called a point of view, fart blossom!

As they are all chugging away, it looks like Alison is having trouble. She was arranging lots of different colored strips of paper, but when she started to sew them, things got hairy.

Robert interviews that he recycles: "Papers, plastics, ex-boyfriends." Rita Rudner called -- the Carnival Cruise is leaving soon, and she'd like her act back. Kayne of Many Colors says that the time crunch is really getting to everyone.

Alison tells Laura that she has scrapped her original idea (we see her looking at it in a mirror, and it was horrendous. A square skirt? I don't know, but it was bad) and is starting something new. She's using crepe paper. She says she doesn't want to go home because designing clothes is her life.

Kayne of Many Colors is having problems too. He interviews that he chose lime green paint to adorn his design, which was "an atrocious mistake." I'll say. Everybody's laughing at it. Laura interviews that his dress was the "clear dog" in the room, not counting Vincent's secret friend. Don't be scared, she doesn't bite. She does, however, kill the bad guys with cotton candy!! Kayne of Many Colors explains that he went overboard until it looked like "a toad exploded all over it." At one point, he implores his dress to "come on, sister." The mannequin's like, "What? Dumpster-dive?"

Jeffrey is having a much easier time. He is working with newspaper and loves it. He points to a patch on his jeans, which I assumed he made, and says that he has been working with newspaper for a while. Reading them? No. Making clothes with them? But of course. He feels most confident that he will win this challenge. I personally would like to keep on seeing Jeffrey lose challenges. It pisses him off so much. It's just kind of funny.

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