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Waste Not, Want Not

Alison's is next. Oh my. Alexandra looks huge. I'm wondering if she's about to unwrap herself to reveal the actual dress that Alison designed. It's an interesting concept, with lots of different textures created with the same colored paper. But the execution was not good. And: the hair bow. Looks very bad. Alison interviews that she isn't sure what the judges will think.

Here's Kayne of Many Colors's dress. It has improved since the long skirt. Still not very good, though. Now, there's a flared skirt of silver mylar. The bodice is sleeveless with a lot of tacky green paint all over it. There's lacing on the back of the bodice that's pretty interesting. Glitter everywhere! It's like KoMC's inner child vandalized a square dancer. KoMC interviews that he hates his dress but hopes that his silhouette and construction were enough to keep him from getting auf'd.

Afterwards, Heidi calls Alison, KoMC, Laura, Vincent, Michael, and Jeffrey. The others are safe. Clarissa and Angela embrace backstage. Onstage, all of the models return. Michael Knight explains that he imagined the plastic in his wrap to be organza, the bodice to be taffeta, and the skirt of peanut sack to be linen. Rachel likes its fit. Nina thinks the wrap was very clever. Michael Kors applauds his innovation.

Michael points out that Vincent's dress didn't move very well. His model, Jia, almost fell down on the runway. It might have worked better as a minidress. Vincent replies that he liked that he dress was crunchy. It turned him on. Michael is, for a moment, a conduit for the emotions of the viewer and turns to Nina like he's about to toss his cookies. Nina takes over and says that it's bizarre, and Vincent replies, "It is bizarre and that's what I like. It's artsy. Very artsy." And for a moment, I'm wondering if Vincent Libretti might be a big fat put-on. That shit was like Martin Short. I'm incredulous. Nina breaks it down and asks Vincent if he denies that his model had trouble walking, which he does not. Michael has regained his composure by now, and says the key is to be turned on and gotten off and all of those other nasty euphemisms, but also to make a dress that functions. Heidi says that she admires Vincent for being fearless with his design.

Rachel loves Laura's dress. They all love her tailoring. Michael loves the flower on the side.

Kayne of Many Colors explains that he didn't make exactly what he intended and, in the end, tried to make his model look as if she'd just rolled in a dumpster. Nina thinks it looks like a costume. A bad costume. He reiterates that he was pressed for time. I think that's a good strategy. Better that they at least know that it wasn't his vision. Rachel says that she respects the design, especially knowing that he hurried as much as he did. Michael says that KoMC drove into Bad Taste Land.

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