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Oh, Baby, Baby, How Was He Supposed to Know?

So much love for Shirin. "I think hers is the most wearable," Heidi says. They also adore Althea's elegant dress. Rebecca again says she would wear Louise's dress, but Nina wonders if you would want to walk around in something that looks like lingerie while you're pregnant. "That's the reason you got pregnant," Monique jokes, and there is much laughing. They compliment the execution of overall design, and it is obvious Rebecca really likes it.

Back on the runway, the final decision is delivered. With maximum suspense, they name Shirin the winner of the challenge. She practically dances off the runway when Rebecca says they loved the dress and that any one of them would choose to wear it, pregnant or not. Louise, Althea and Ra'Mon are also declared in, and sent off the runway. "Mitchell, Malvin," Heidi deadpans in her most vicious Germanic style. "One ov you weel be aut." She says Malvin's chicken/egg look was just not flattering. "It was complicated, but not in a good way," she says. "And, truthfully, it was just too bizarre." She goes on to say that though they liked Mitchell's overall concept, the sloppiness of his sewing and presentation were terrible. "There is really no excuse," she says, "and we're not impressed." The axe swings, incredibly, on Malvin. She says Mitchell just squeaked by, and that he needs to up his game to show them he deserves to be there. Oh, Malvin, I am sorry. I honestly think he is talented, more talented than Mitchell, and it's a shame. As he says in the backroom, "he's too conceptual for America." His fellow contestants, most of which must realize his abilities, all comfort him. He says he's learned how strong he is grounded as designer, a philosopher and a person. Bless his damn heart, I hate to see his weird ass go, but he's got to. Auf wiedersehen!

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