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Tim hands out keys and the keys that match the same car decide the team members. Christopher cracks that this will probably be the only time he holds one of those keys. That's a carefree statement about class, but I think he's forgotten that a Lexus is also a prize for the winner this year. Get it together, Christopher! I don't wanna see that! Christopher and Andrea are team members. Christopher interviews that he loves her aesthetic and they are totes going to own this.

Sonjia and Nathan are together. She thinks they'll be a good match. Elena is disappointed when she's matched with Buffi. Actually, neither of them are happy. Ven is also disappointed about working with lovely Fabio, though he acknowledges that he's not the weakest designer. Kooan legit sprints to Gunnar when they are matched up. Melissa and Dmitry are working together, which I think will be good for him. She's kind of my favorite right now. She's drama-free and bright and talented. I just dig her. Raul and Alicia are together and he's pleased because they both have a background in menswear. He hopes that their client will be a man. That so rarely happens that it seems ridiculous to actually wish it. Also, that thing he's doing with his hair. The sad Ed Grimley. It's not cute.

They all get into their respective Lexii and they're off. Andrea and Christopher are driving and who do they see? It's ANYA! Oh my heavens. She's gorgeous as ever. Still not my friend, but I'm working on that. Want a strange story? They're meeting her at Tompkins Square Park on 9th and Avenue A. Like a hundred years ago, during the second season, I saw Daniel Vosovic exactly across the street from that very spot. That's strange to me. Anyway, she's their client.

Alicia and Raul go to Williamsburg and find Mila. Meh. Raul says that she's very rock and roll. Also, she's wearing a jacket so he thinks that maybe she'll be into menswear. Gunnar and Kooan go to some cafe and meet Irina, who I know nothing about. That was the season the lovely Al Lowe was covering the show and... well, there you are. I did see one dude from that season at a party and texted her a photo to confirm. She confirmed but now I don't remember who it was. Kooan interviews that she knows about fashion and it's going to be difficult because she was the winner and hello. No, THIS is difficult, Kooan. Irina tells the boys that the dress needs to be fabulous.

Melissa and Dmitry meet April at a restaurant! Her hair is purple. Awesome. Melissa thinks that this is a great match. Sonjia and Nathan find Valerie from Season 8! She's so sweet. Sonjia feels good about it. Buffi and Elena are working with Laura Bennett! Yay! Love her. Buffi sees her wearing leopard print and a contrasting jacket, so she feels safe. Ven and Fabio are going to be working with Kenley! Ven, who's quite the contrarian, points out that they don't have the same design aesthetic.

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