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The clients come in for a fitting. Sonjia thinks that Ven's dress is way too simple. Andrea is apparently going really slowly with one portion of their dress and he's bitching about it to a lot of people. Alicia and Raul feel like they're screwed with the new direction of the look. They're done for the day and Christopher's still bitching when they get home. He thinks that either he or Andrea will be going home the next day.

The next day, the designers try to get a little work in before the clients come in. Andrea is again moving at a snail's pace and Christopher is flummoxed. The clients come in and Kenley loves hers. Laura seems indifferent. Dmitry says to Melissa that he thinks that Gunnar and Kooan may be in trouble because their dress looks like a wedding gown. Andrea fucks up something with the skirt and is like just sort of "uh oh!", which makes Christopher furious. I don't know. I mean, clearly Andrea is a little hippie dippy, but what she's doing might also be a tactic to keep herself calm. It's not like she's going to work better if she's raging all around the room freaking out. Whatever. I'm just rubbed the wrong way by that whole scene.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and introduces the judges, including Krysten Ritter from that show with Dawson as well as Breaking Bad. She looks excited to be there too. And, it's time for the show to begin. Here's Laura! And, this doesn't look bad at all. She's wearing pink with a transparent black overlay. It's floor-length with an empire waist. Maybe it's a little too young for Laura, but she's selling it. They simplified the pleating idea and that's where maybe it looks a little messy. It's honestly pretty chic and whimsical at the same time. It has Elena's armor-like shoulders but with a cap sleeve, so it just looks cute and not so severe. Buffi and Elena seem relieved and like they managed to pull it off. Of course, Elena has to say that Buffi was not at the same skill level as her.

Next is Anya. The dress is brown and floor-length with a studded belt at the waist and a slit from her Turks to her Caicos. The back has a large cut-out and Anya is a knockout and could frankly wear just about anything and I would say it looks great. The slit though. It's a little unbecoming for a lady. Christopher is aware of its flaws but feels like maybe they didn't do as poorly as he felt they were. He knows they're gonna get shit for the slit though. Andrea doesn't say a word.

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