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Here's Kenley. It's 100% adorable. Cinched waist with a crinolined skirt and a boatneck. It even has Ven's fancy sculptural stuff on the bodice. I mean, there's not much else to say. It's perfect and girl is working it. Who'd have thought that Kenley could make such a turnaround. Right? She was such a monster during her season. I totally dig her now. I mean, she's loud and is clearly going to become demented and batshit crazy the minute she hits like 34, but she's really accessed a lot of sweet charm and I think that it really suits her and I hope it makes her happy.

April is next and this dress is completely rad. So, it's silver and kind of has a backwards kimono cut. It's draped beautifully but also seems to have a real structure to it. I'm not sure how they did it. A lot of her back is exposed too and she looks really sexy. Both Melissa and Dmitry are super happy with the results, as well they should be. I think this is further proof that, the pure skill of Ven aside, Melissa is kind of the one to beat.

Oh my. Here's Mila. First of all, she's wearing a fake ponytail. That was a mistake. It's a black halter dress with some red piping and a red leather belt. It's really poor-fitting and I feel really bad for Mila right now. I mean, what what what were they thinking? And, Jesus, you get onto Project Runway and you've never made a gown and you don't think to yourself, "You know, I've got a free afternoon, why don't I try to imagine what I would do if I had to make a gown. Because, if I survive even a challenge or two on this show, chances are I'm going to have to produce a gown"? Neither of these fools thought to do that. And, Raul keeps TELLING people that he's never made a gown. That just seems like a really bad idea to me. Anyway, he's aware that this is a bloody disaster. Alicia knows that it's not a hit.

Here's Irina. The dress she's wearing is white and fitted with a white cape in the back. They've fitted it with a silver necklace that actually really helps it. It's not terribly fashion-forward but it looks well made. Gunnar thinks that it doesn't look bad and feels that they might be safe. Kooan hates it. He doesn't say quite why but he's not a fan. I think that he threatens the dress in his interview. Like, something bad's going to happen to the dress.

And here's Valerie. You knowwwww, this isn't baaadd, buttt.... It's a gold gown with cap sleeves and a fairly low-cut neckline. It's just that, oh, I don't know. It just makes Valerie look like she has no waist and emphasizes that she doesn't have boobs. Maybe the Lord & Taylor wall had some foundation garments that could have been utilized? It feels shitty to say that because I think Valerie is super cute, but it's like they made this dress for Beyonce and Valerie's wearing it. They knew who they were making the dress for. So, I kind of feel like that's a real flaw. Sonjia and Nathan both feel really happy with it.

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