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Afterwards, Heidi calls Nathan, Sonjia, Buffi, Elena, Melissa and Dmitry. They're safe. Christopher immediately covers his face with his hand. Those guys go backstage and Melissa and Sonjia feel that they were both meant to be in the top. Elena interviews that she would have been in the top except for being paired with someone with subpar skills. Yeah, yeah.

On the runway, Heidi says that Ven and Fabio and Gunnar and Kooan have the high scores. The losers go backstage while the high scores get critiqued. Andrea tries to make light of things but Christopher is not having it. I mean, at this point, I guess I see both of their sides. Andrea makes a remark about it being meant to be if she gets eliminated at this point and the others kind of jump on her because they gave up so much to be there. Hmm. I don't think she's really saying that the experience doesn't mean a lot to her.

Back on the runway, Kenley says that she loves her dress. Nina loves the length, but Krysten disagrees. Michael says that the dress wouldn't necessarily get raves, but it has a lot of style. Heidi asks who would be the winner of the two of them. Fabio says that he is choosing himself because he wants to give himself a pat on the back. Ven obviously chooses himself.

Kooan says that elegance is not his strong point so he had to listen to Gunnar a lot. Irina says that she likes it but it wasn't sewn that well. What a bitch. Heidi says that she feels like it's eye-catching. Michael loves the silhouette and they really understood their client. It looks like Irina doesn't want them to get compliments. Kooan says that Gunnar should win because he wouldn't even be able to conceive of a design like this.

It's loser time. Raul admits that they didn't execute Mila's gown that well. Mila says that there are some fit issues and she wishes they'd chosen a tailored fabric, since that's their backgrounds. So, they could have done that? Weird. Raul is really defensive about it. Also, he chose the hair extension. Nina says that the dress makes her look frumpy and they didn't make an effort. Raul says that he and Alicia both accept responsibility, but Alicia eventually says that Raul started with the sketching.

Christopher is such a drama queen. He says that it took the entire time for them to cut the pattern, so it was executed very poorly. Heidi says she can see the hooks on the back. Anya says that she feels like maybe they were just too ambitious. Nina says that it looks very dated. Krysten says it looks like a Halloween costume that you could get at a drug store. Then... Christopher says that it took Andrea 12 hours to cut the skirt. I mean, he's really going overboard. He says that Andrea said that she didn't care if she went home, which is a lie.

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