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She says that what she meant was that she has had a great experience. I got that too. She goes further and says that Christopher screwed up the bodice, at which point bitch clutches his pearls and says that he just has too much respect to say what he really wants to say. DIDN'T HE JUST DO THAT? She's equalizing things and I thinks that's fair. She says that she owns her mistakes. Christopher says that he doesn't point fingers and Andrea points out that he is actually doing just that. He's a big baby. He starts crying and says that he's so upset. Heidi says that she could tell he was before they even began. Andrea says that she finds all of this demeaning and I kind of agree with her. Krysten looks mortified.

The judges confer. They love Irina's silhouette, but they weren't crazy about the fabric. Heidi says that Ven has a real stamp on all of his designs. Nina thinks that it looks expensive. They point out that they don't really know Fabio's point of view yet. They thought that Anya's dress was not sophisticated. Krysten questions Raul's taste, but Nina wonders why Alicia didn't change their course.

The designers return to the stage. Ven is OUT. Kidding. He wins the challenge. He says it's a dream come true. You know he has always wanted to go to the Emmys. Kenley hugs him backstage and it's really cute. Fabio is in. So are Gunnar and Kooan. Christopher is in. Andrea pats him on the back as he leaves the stage. Andrea is in. For some reason, Heidi watches her walk away. Alicia is... in. She hugs Raul and leaves the stage. Elena gives her a big hug. Raul tells the judges that this is not the last we'll hear of Raul. He interviews that maybe they both should have gone home. He tells that he hates the red carpet and he's out.

Um, so the next morning, Andrea is missing. She's NOT THERE.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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