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The six designers on the hot-seat return to the runway where Heidi reviews the rules. One of them will "win" the challenge and receive immunity for the next round, and one of them will be sent packing. Like Chinese water torture, they slowly go through the six. In the end, Christopher is named the winner. He is thrilled and goes backstage to embrace Johnny where they both cry like girls. Ra'Mon, when called safe, flashes a beautiful smile, says thank you, and departs with a stage-whispered "I love you, Lindsay!" Saved by the miracle of Ari's awfulness, and Mitchell's major screw-up, Qristyl lives to see another day. "Ari," Heidi says, when she and Mitchell are the only two left. "we did not know what was going on with your look, and we don't think you did either." Heidi says it's one thing to aim outside of the box, and another to miss it completely. So true. While they thought Mitchell's look was unwearable, he's allowed to stay, which means Ari is out. "Someone's got to be the first to leave Project Runway," she says in her exit interview. "And it might as well be me." Well, it is. She says that taking risks can be a good thing, but that one must take risks responsibly and with those truest words ever spoken, she's gone.

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