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Blayne says that he based his idea on Brooke's description of her character as someone who grew up aware of fashion. Brooke thinks it's not sophisticated or businesslike enough for her character. Blayne says that he's crazy and that's what he does. Michael says that the pieces should have been more special if that's his point of view. Blayne says that he would go home if it were between him and Leanne. Leanne agrees.

The judges confer. They really liked Jerell's outfit. Brooke and Nina both say it was their favorite. Keith's was very unique and they love it. They think that Kelli was just showing what Kelli wanted to show. They question both hers and Daniel's taste. And, they think that Blayne is bratty for not listening. Heidi wonders why Leanne didn't do something about it and Michael offers that she may have lost her confidence in her own point of view.

The designers return to the runway. Brooke tells us that Keith is the winner. He seems thrilled. He and Kenley leave the runway. He interviews that he's very excited and wants to keep proving himself. Jerell and Stella are in.

Leanne is in. Daniel is in. Heidi tells Kelli that her construction was questionable, but her taste kind of sucked. She tells Blayne that he left them speechless and they wonder if he can step outside of himself as a designer. The rest of us wonder if he can step outside of himself as a user of totally dip shit phrases. Anyway, he's in. Kelli's going home. She looks pissed.

She interviews that she's angry because she doesn't feel like she's the one who should have gone home. Backstage, she says, "It is what it is." I feel bad for her. Everybody's crying. She says that she took a risk, even if "it was too hoochie mama." She tells the others that everything happens for a reason, so she may go back home and "hit the jackpot." Still sad. This is not the end for her. That's what they all say.

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