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There's A Bus Coming

Tim talks to Keith and Kenley. He loves the fabric that they are choosing for their top. He asks fairly pointedly where the floral fabric from earlier that Kenley liked so much is. She's like, "Tim!" Because he hated it. Keith, in a perfectly executed little burst of passive-aggression, says, "Oh, she's so cute. Gets so defensive." I have to say though, for the power struggle that appears to be happening between the two of them, they're keeping it pretty cool. Tim loves what they're doing.

Tim approaches Korto and Joe. There's an orange jacket that covers the sleeker nighttime look. Tim has questions about the proportion of the jacket. Joe says that he agrees and thinks that it's a little too baggy. Korto says that he never said anything before. She's pissed. He says that he has been focused on the dress and the jacket was her vision. She points out that she has immunity, so if something goes wrong, it would be him that goes home. She's feeling faced because he didn't say anything until Tim got there. I understand that. I don't know of the time issues involved and maybe he really didn't have a moment to do anything but focus on the dress, but it's still pretty lame to only speak up when Tim is around. Korto presents the following analogy: if a bus was coming and Joe was crossing the street, she wouldn't say, "Well, Joe wanted to cross the street." Instead, she would grab him and say, "A bus is coming." You know what? She's absolutely right. Asshole move, Joe. He interviews that talking to Tim was his way of subtly (read: cowardly-like) way of making suggestions and he was surprised at how quickly she took offense. In the break room, he tells her that there's no reason for her to be angry and she says that if he has a problem with something, he should tell her. He says that he had planned on telling her. Then, she gets hardcore and says that she doesn't want any enemies -- he'll be dead to her and she'll cut him off. You know, for someone who talks about being out of the drama, girl is dramatic. She interviews that Joe could easily turn on her on the runway, at which point she will turn on him.

The next morning, we see more of Keith's full-body tat. I like it, I don't know what else to say. Giggle. Blayne says that it's going to be really exciting to see his design on Lipstick Jungle. Wake up, Sleepy Jean.

At Parson's, they all start working very quickly. Kelli says that she has lined a jacket in a couple of hours, so she expects Daniel to be able to make a skirt in that time (apparently skirts are easy to make -- seriously didn't know that). Kenley pipes in, via interview, that Daniel cracks her up because he's always talking about his refined taste, yet she has never seen it. Kenley may not be wrong, but she should probably try shutting up every now and then. Too much talky.

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